What can I do today to be better prepared ?

Whether you are a student in Middle School, High School or College, you need good Time Management skills to succeed.

If you have solid skills and you start at a young age, you will be well served as you become older and enter the work force.

Start by making daily, weekly and monthly goals - use a calendar or write in your agenda.

Make 2 lists:

Homework priorities

Personal priorities, such as sports, activities, family obligations, etc.

Prioritize each list into 3 categories to determine the importance of each task..label each category A,B,C...

A = critical - due tomorrow, prepare long term assignments/tests, mandatory after school rehearsal, etc.

B = important - extra credit assignment, club activity, etc.

C = nice to do - rewrite class notes, play video games, watch T.V.

Don't put everything into the A list...if you do, you'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to accomplish all the tasks that must be done.

Task A should be related to a goal or has consequences if it is not completed today.

Sometimes B or C tasks become A tasks when you haven't planned properly. Such as..procrastinating and then having to complete an entire project the night before it is due.

Sometimes events are out of your control, but you must adapt your schedule and accept responsibility. If you spend your time resenting the reality of the situation, you will just become emotionally upset and accomplish nothing.

Unplanned events and urgent activities, such as going to the hospital or Doctor with a parent happen. These urgent events are unrelated to your goal or consequence.

When you finally return to your priority, your creative momentum might be gone. You might even be distracted and have difficulty concentrating. The recovery from the interruption might reduce the quality of your work.

So, don't wait until the last minute to do your work !!

Anticipate that things can and do go wrong. Give yourself enough time to do a task right the first time. Have all the tools you need at your fingertips. Work without distractions.

Use a timer to give yourself 15 minutes, 30 minutes or a reasonable amount of time to complete a task. Use part of your time and give yourself short breaks to stretch, eat a snack, play with the dog, etc.

Set goals, plan ahead, do the best job you can do, get help when you need it and accomplish your priorities.

But, above all else, be proud of your efforts !!

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