The way you handle time is based on your mindset. Dave Kahle defines a mindset as a group of beliefs that are so deep and firmly held that they are the source of many of your thoughts. So how do your thoughts relate to how you handle your time?

Your thoughts determine your actions and your actions determine your results. If you’re content with the way you handle your time now you aren’t very likely to make any real changes. But if the pain of how you deal with time now is great enough you’ll commit to making positive changes to get what you want.

Effective time management skills are derived from your desire to achieve greater potential than you’re achieving now. You have to recognize and believe that you have greater potential first. And then you have to stimulate the motivation and build the commitment to do what you need to do to get it.

People who are masters at time management are great achievers. They’re great achievers because they demand that their time management skills free them up to do more, be more, and have more. They keep their focus on the prize and increase their efficiency so they can get that prize.

In essence, when you’re content with what you have now you’ll never have the drive required to make positive changes. Without those positive changes you’re stuck where you are. You’re very unlikely to achieve a higher level of potential than you have now.

Your drive or burning desire to make positive changes will enable you to improve your time management techniques. The reason time management tips aren’t helping you all that much now is because you give them a half-hearted try and then you revert back to your old habits. As you revert back to your old habits you get your old results.

You are the only person who can trigger this drive or burning desire within you. So, if you’re ready to achieve more of your potential stimulate that desire and allow your desire to help you to see the opportunities around you. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, and you’ll start seeing those opportunities.

At that point you have the desire and you have the opportunity. The only thing you’re missing is the time management skills to help you to get them. Use the tools below to improve your time management skills and start achieving the potential you’re capable of.

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