How many little 15 minute intervals between other things do you think you have throughout the day? For this time management tip I challenge you to count how many you have throughout the course of just one average day. Think about it, how often do you look at the clock and think I have 15 minutes before I have to leave for work or 15 minutes until lunch? What are you doing with all those little 15 minute intervals and what could you be doing?

The idea is to get more value from the little time intervals so you can free up bigger blocks of time. When you free up bigger blocks of time you can use this time management tip to get you the time you want for the fun things in life. Now you aren’t trying to build a time prison for yourself rather your building a time savings account to cash out later for something you’d really enjoy.

A sound time management tip that never changes is to focus on the most important things first. At the start of each and every day you should already know what 1-3 things would make that day a success for you. Diligently focus on those things until they are done ignoring everything else that would keep you from staying on task.

Save up all your odd tasks to use during the little intervals. These little intervals could also be referred to as odd lot time intervals because they crop up here and there throughout your day. You never know when you’re going to have to wait in traffic or wait in line, but you can be prepared to use that time so you have time for fun later. Have a list of tasks and the materials you need to work through these little time wasters whenever you have an odd lot of time.

When you add up all the 15 minutes and all the odd jobs its surprising what you can get done in just these odd time lots. As you discipline yourself to use these little odd time lots keep in mind the specific reward you want and keep adding to your time tally until you have banked enough time for it. You’ll find this time management tip is doubly rewarding because you get lots of stuff done that you have to do plus you get to have the fun you’ve been denying yourself up until now.

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