Everyone can have what it takes to have all the free time they want once they understand what they need and how to do it using specific time management techniques. You certainly know how you are doing things now and you realize that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. So how do you become a person who has all the free time you want in spite of having all the responsibilities you have?

Part of the reason you don’t have lots of free time now is because you need to understand and identify your current time behaviors. Right now you are just acting on auto-pilot and you aren’t evaluating your current behaviors with an eye for time management techniques that could make you more effective in less time. This can be difficult to do on your own because frequently you don’t even notice the behaviors that are causing you the most difficulties. Asking family and friends to point those behaviors out to you is somewhat risky as it’s hard not to take their observations as a criticism especially if the people you ask aren’t all that great at making observations from an objective non-judgmental position.

Right now you probably don’t even think about or realize that you respond to certain stressors in very specific ways. Under pressure you have very specific reactions to people, problems, work pace, and procedures. There are time management techniques that can help you to respond to those stressors in a manner that is more beneficial for you.

Time management techniques help you need to identify ways that you can make small improvements. It’s hard to change and it’s especially hard to make big sweeping changes. A better approach is to make small changes and adaptations in your current behaviors. You will feel much more comfortable making small changes and enjoying the rewards that those changes bring than making drastic changes. Plus it will be much easier for you to continue those behaviors until they become habits.

You need to recognize how your current behaviors are impacting you. As you go about your daily life the way you are currently doing things you don’t even notice your behaviors let alone the impact those behaviors are having because you don’t know a better way. Time management techniques can help you to identify some small and rewarding better ways to accomplish the things you need to accomplish. For example, let’s say you have twenty minutes until you have to leave for an appointment. How do you spend those twenty minutes now? A good time management technique is to have small projects that you can pick up and complete when these odd little time lots pop up.

Using time management techniques you will begin identify implementable actions that you can take now. Nothing changes until you take action. The sooner you take action and enjoy the benefits those actions bring the more likely you are to repeat those actions until they become habits.

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