Your time management skills are the missing link to what you want. Why are you so drained, stressed out, and overwhelmed now? Because you’ve allowed your life to get out of control and it’s surfacing through your time management. This lack of control isn’t just internal it’s externally viewable for others to see from your cluttered desk or office, to your poor filing system, and your willingness to allow others to suck up your time.

Use your time management skills to regain control. If you called a friend on the phone and asked them for driving directions, what is the first question they would ask you? Wouldn’t they need to know where you are now to tell you how to get where you want to go? Can you answer the question, where are you now with your life? If you can’t, that’s a good place to start. Identify exactly where you are now in your life, in all areas and aspects of your life both personally and professionally.

Where and what do you want your time management skills to get you? Now that you know exactly where you are in your life the next step is to figure out exactly where you want to be in your life. As you think about where you want to be in your life make sure you are taking yourself closer to a life you want to live. As you look at your present and look forward to your desired future you will develop the motivation to close this gap. You won’t be willing to learn or use new time management skills until you clearly know what’s in it for you. The distance between where you are now and where you want to be provides that motivation.

If you had better time management skills how would your behavior be different than it is now? Would you be more careful with how you spend your time? Would you actually block your time for how you want to spend it rather than how you are spending it? Would you be able to make better decisions about how to use your time? Would you be more focused on each task because you clearly understand how the completion of that task takes you closer to the ideal life you are working to achieve? Would it be easier for you to say “no” to the things that move you away from where you want to be?

The best time management skill you can develop is a goals and integrity skill. Integrity comes from getting and staying on the path that takes you where you want to be. You set goals that move you closer to the accomplishment of that ideal life. You say “no” to the people, things, and events that aren’t in alignment with your overall plan. Your time management skills will give you back control of your life; and when you are in control you will feel energized, relaxed, and you will have the ability to do more than you do now.

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