It may appear that we’re getting hit hard from all directions. The economy is tanking, people are losing their jobs, and the weather (in some places) is shutting down the infrastructure. The only good news is that gas prices are dropping, but who wants to drive in the ice and snow?

The western world has fallen off the horse. What do we do when we fall off the horse? That’s right, we get back on.

But first, why not take some time to assess, to re-examine our strategies, to look at the root of the problem.
This is not about picking someone or something to blame. This is about taking a look at ourselves, as individuals, as people, as creative beings.

What better time to reflect than now? Really, it is a serendipitous conglomeration of events that we can all take advantage of.

The holiday season is upon us, the new year is days away, resolutions are on the horizon. This is the perfect time to slow down, calm down and do some footwork for creating positive changes in our lives.

Snowed in? Start that book you want to write. Research that business you want to start. Write down everything in your life that makes you feel good. Let yourself think about what you really want and take steps to make that happen.
Up to your eyeballs in debt? Unemployed? Wishing for a white night on a shining horse? Snap out of it. Take control of yourself. Take control of your life.

This is the perfect time to start over, to focus on your deepest desires, to create a new life.

Your choices are: making the most of your life or letting it slip away.

What do you want? On a basic level, what do you really want? To feel good about yourself, to have food, shelter and love. It’s there. You probably have all of the above right now. Let it sink in. You have what you need. The rest is gravy.
Now make the recipe for the gravy and start cooking. It is the perfect time. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Turn off the tube and get that gray matter doing what it does best…thinking.
This situation is a gift to you. Take it and use it to discover, or re-discover, what you have to give, what you have to share with the world. You are amazing. Believe it.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Loewen is the Author of, "101 Reasons to be Yourself", a book encouraging positive change and creative living. Please visit