In a dream last night I was visited by Ronnie Raben, who walked with me through a landscape of towering trees and exquisite flowers. Our world was enveloped by an aquamarine sky. We eventually came to a cluster of trees where we sat and began to talk. I marveled at the brilliance of life and the wonder of meeting Dr. Morguelan along my journey. I was contemplating my introduction to Source Energy and learning to open myself to it and allow its healing and transformation.

As we sat, reflecting on the journey, I understood true happiness and smiled, knowing we are now constant companions upon the road of life, together with my loving husband who also enjoys this infinite peace and happiness.

Ronnie began to ask me why I hadn’t shared this story with Dr. Morguelan and the community. "I thought it was pretty much public knowledge that Doug and I are doing well, pursuing extraordinarily successful lives and I didn’t realize it was an unknown," I responded. "Even so," Ronnie explained, "your story is worth telling, in its entirety."
The dream's realness awoke me with a startle.

Some dreams are more real than our waking hours. In replaying the details of the dream, I felt excited and compelled to get up and write the whole story. After jotting a few mental notes I returned to sleep and now, fully awake in my day, am writing the whole story.

The story began on a day in January 2006, when I stepped through the Energy Portal; my life changed forever. I awoke from a long sleep and was given the keys to the kingdom. In possession of the keys, I immediately began the journey of life as it was intended: beautiful, magical, mysterious, delightful and intentional.

Just over three years ago, the opportunity came for me to receive an Energy Treatment with Dr. Barry Morguelan, an intriguing double board certified western physician with deep interest in all manners of healing. For years, he searched the world for healing methods that might be better than penicillin, which one day led him to the mountains of China where he would find his holy grail. I highly recommend that you get this story from him first hand. His story is spell-binding and is a wonderful metaphor on life for all those who listen.

Before Dr. B (as those of us who know him like to a call him) consents to treat you, an interview process is used to determine if he will take you on, for once he agrees to take you on he does so for life. Although I didn’t really understand this concept at the time, my experience has been that once the connection is made, it never goes away. Dr. B agreed to take me on and set the treatment date!

My first assignment was to write down a set of goals that I would take to Dr. B. What did I want the Energy for? What were my priorities? I was already strong at journaling and often wrote my wishes among the pages of my thoughts. My whole life, I had been seeking answers to my own questions regarding how to live successfully. I’d jumped from one self help course to another, read all the books and probably had a few t-shirts tucked away somewhere too. Though I was no stranger to introspection, I struggled with my goal list. How many goals could I have? Should it be one big one or several small ones? Could I really have what I wrote in my goals? If so, did I really want what I wrote in my goals? The combination of wanting to be free and happy intermingled with great fear of failure...or was it success? Never sure what I was running to or what I was running from, I knew the process made me uneasy, and confusion clouded my mind.

Finally, after several days of sitting with my goals, I produced my list:

•To flow through life with grace, ease and wisdom
•To achieve perfect health, abundant wealth,real joy and peace
•To clear my blocked fallopian tubes
•To disconnect from the past and bring back all my lost and stuck energies to the present
•Finish my book
•Sing like a rock star – uniquely and brilliantly
•Restore by body weight to ideal
•Achieve financial independence so I never have to worry about money again, with always more than enough in the kitty
•Connect with source energy and learn how to use effectively
•Drop all judgments of other people
•Stop taking on other people’s problems and worries

Just like most people, I have big categories listed:

Our individual stories are all unique but we all want the same things, to be happy, to be free and to be loved.

Amazingly, in only the three years since, I have attained all my stated goals! The more goals I write, the better I become at the process of writing and aligning to what I want, with little to no delay. Some might say that I am a Master at goal setting, but from my perspective, I exercise an avid curiosity toward how to fulfill my goals and how best to align myself to receive. From alignment, I create. I am complete and whole. I create and generate for fun these days and my life is an adventure. I have a faith and confidence in myself I didn’t have before. My relationship with myself held no significance before, but now has presidence!

I give myself everything I dream of before it shows up in the outer world and without fail, what I’m dreaming of shows up, sooner than later. Manifesting my dreams feels like a mystical, magical miracle, EVERY TIME! I am now clear, MIRACLES ARE THE NORM, not the other way around.

Refining my approach occurs naturally as I diligently, continuously align with who I am becoming in each moment. Dr. B often compares navigating life to sailing. One does not start at point A with the destination of point B without having to tack back and forth along the way. Finding and going with the natural flow of life proves to be much easier and meets with greater success than resisting and going against it.

Energy has served me and continues to serve me today. Before I go on to tell you about life after passing through the energy portal, it is worth noting I spent a year, post-treatment, in close connection to the Energy Community. During this close connection, I enjoyed participating as a facilitator for group lectures and group treatments. Since leaving the close circuit of the Dr. B Community, additional studies and disciplines have been very supportive of my personal journey, including but not limited to studies with Paul Ferrini, Dr. Hew Len (Ho’oponopono), and recently, The Field Center curriculum. I’m in love with the study of human consciousness and continue to pursue my interests into bodies of work that intrigue me. I no longer view or identify myself as a project or as broken; hence, "fix-it" attempts have ceased. I do EVERYTHING with a spirit of adventure and curiosity. I rest in the bliss of uncertainty, having shed my former "need to know." I am in love with life and play into each day's infinite slate of possibilities. This is our birthright! Anyone can free themselves from the chains of yesterday and choose to create anew from this moment. My own story, Madness Mania and Miracles, tells of my return from darkness to create this life I love. Whatever your story, you too can create the life you love.

Anna Miller
The Depression Project

Author's Bio: 

Anna Miller is an inspiring leader and organizational development expert. With years of experience designing human performance and development systems in all areas of business across multiple industries, Anna is recognized for her dynamic delivery style and consistent results. Never satisfied with a cookie-cutter approach, Anna thrives by enabling her clients to realize their full potential, tap their creativity and engage in their own and their organization’s success.

As an architect of corporate talent management systems, Anna will quickly assess a company’s current challenges and recommend a path to success with each individual’s contribution in mind. Lead by years of experience in training design and delivering on communication excellence, relationship dynamics and human potential as well as a desire for people to excel in all areas of life, she is often recognized by her clients for achieving success where others have failed.

Never would you imagine Anna is a woman who was once diagnosed with bipolar, depression and anxiety. Having transformed her own world, and led others to do the same for decades, 2008 marked the year she launched her story, Madness, Mania and Miracles. This book is a springboard to her larger mission: to rid the world of depression by focusing on what works. So named, ‘The Depression Project’, Anna is expanding her consulting business (Higher State Technology, LLC) to facilitate the launch of this personal calling.

Often requested to speak, coach and consult, Anna is a sought after model of what’s possible in a world that doesn’t always allow those saddled with symptoms of mental health to chose a new path, a new way of being that allows their inner beauty and talents to be expressed.