Is it really possible to lose weight and keep it off? Absolutely. However, creating long-term weight loss success requires implementing some basic tried-and-true principles. Here are three simple but extremely powerful pointers that open the gates to your dreams. Do not let the simplicity of these suggestions fool you. Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.

1. Write Down Your Big Picture Goal
One of the first success skills to apply is to write down what you want. This is very important. Writing down what you want creates a commitment on your part and sets the process into motion. No longer is your dream an abstract thought. Writing things down creates a bridge between your desires and your physical reality. It also acts like an instruction to both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. It takes you in a new direction, opens you up to seeing opportunities you never saw before, and brings the magic of synchronicity into play.

Initially, you do not have to know exactly what you want; you only need a basic idea. Just write down what you want to achieve in the future, not what you want to leave behind. A general of what you want is a great starting place, but remember to take the next step. Long-term success requires clarity and detail. When I ask new clients what it is they want out of their efforts, some would say, "more weight loss" or "less struggle." "More" and "less" are relative terms. Gradually shape and define your desired outcome until it becomes crystal clear. Notice what is important to you about your result, what life skills you will gain, and how putting effort into having what you want will raise your confidence, empowerment, self-worth, or self-love. Continue to revise your goal, adding more sensory descriptions until it your big picture goal feels compelling and exciting. Fine-tune until your final statement is positive, specific, and enticing.

Your crystal clear goal is your big picture, or the overall ambition that you have for yourself. However, a big picture goal is often overwhelming and seems so far away. To bring your goal into the here and now, review your goal twice a day - perhaps once in the morning and once before going to bed. After a few days or weeks, as your excitement and energy builds, use your big picture goal to generate smaller daily action goals. Every morning examine your goal, breathe, and get excited as you imagine yourself already living your dream. Then look for one doable action. What is one action that you could take today that would move you one-step closer to your desire? Write down your "today action step." Make your action small enough that you are certain, in advance, that you will follow through. Then follow through. At the end of each day, read over your big picture goal, read over your "today action step," and write down your efforts and successes. Feel great knowing that you are making things happen for yourself!

2. Imagine Your Success
Another vital, but often overlooked, key to weight loss is imagining your success. As you imagine yourself living the life you want to live, notice the running dialog you have with yourself, and the underlying feelings you have about your ability to have what you want.

Imagination is a powerful secret to increase your success. Every morning and every evening, when you read over your written goal, take a few moments envisioning your ideal life. Love yourself for having a dream. Love your dream by tending to it, spending time with it, and paying attention to it in your mind and body. Activate all your senses and notice what you imagine seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, even smelling, as you live your new life. What do you believe about yourself? What new strengths, skills, and abilities do you now possess? Breathe life into your dream by making it a physical experience. Close your eyes and continue to bridge the gap between your dream and reality by living your ideal future now.

In addition, your big picture goal and your ability to imagine yourself actually living your ideal life can help bring you back to weight loss efforts whenever you meet an obstacle or challenge. Remembering your goal pulls you back out of feelings of frustration or helplessness, brings you back to center, and helps you remember your purpose and direction.

3. Make Today Slightly Better Than Yesterday
Being involved in the creation of your dreams can be a worthwhile and overall enjoyable journey. All too often weight goals are pursued with guilt and pressure, frustration, anger, hatred of self and body, and a sense of helplessness or hopelessness. What you want most in life is to feel better than you feel right now. You want to feel confident, successful, peaceful, energetic, and glad to be alive. Celebrate the fact that you have a dream, but do not expect those good feelings to appear magically at the end of your goal. Feeling good is about having a dream and loving yourself during the process of making your dreams come true.

Use your weight loss goal as a way to increase your desired feelings on a daily basis. To do this, nurture your dream and pay attention to what is most important to you. Move your personal priorities to the top of your to-do list. Your energy and gladness to be alive increases as you compassionately focus on what is most meaningful to you. Stay on track by asking, "Is the energy I am bringing into the relationship of me and my dream allowing me to feel good right now? Do my actions allow me to feel more empowered in this moment? Do my thoughts take me closer to or further away from my dream?"

Bringing more inner peace, self-love, energy, and joy into your life is possible. To achieve those feelings of balance and empowerment, shift your focus from everything that is going wrong and place attention on the necessity of feeling good right now. What action or thought could you allow right now that would bring more energy or optimism to your journey? Taking positive action allows you to spend your energy on something that is valuable and meaningful to you. Finally, acknowledge your efforts, your achievements, and your victories and watch your confidence and joy grow daily!

That's it - follow these three steps and you are on your way to a thinner, happier you!

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