During the times of recession, by default, we are prompted to think and ask the following questions to ourselves.

Everywhere I read and hear about recession. I have not made any money this month. I am afraid. I feel stuck. How can I run my business?

I am not getting any new clients. No one wants to spend money and buy my products. No one is responding to my emails/phone calls. Why am I not getting any clients?

Last year we made a profit in second Quarter and this year we have made a loss. Why is my company going on loss?

How can I run my business?
By asking yourself the above question, you feel low in energy and least creative to come up with any ideas to overcome your challenge. Instead of asking yourself, "How can I run my business?", acknowledge the fact that you have made an X amount of dollars last month. First be thankful for what you made and write it down in your gratitude journal. This will open you up to think differently and ask yourself empowering questions. It will also make you feel better. Say to yourself, it is OK if I have not made any money this month and now ask the following questions:

Who are my perfect clients that enjoy working with me? Can I offer additional product/services to these clients without incurring additional cost? Can I bundle some services and offer as a package? Am I undervaluing myself and not charging what I am worth? By asking these questions, you will be prompted to search for answers that will trigger your creativity. You will buzz with new ideas and take action to implement them. You may not get immediate results, but by planting the healthy seed (new ideas), you will reap better results easily and quickly.

Why am I not getting any clients?
When you ask yourself such a negative question, you are treating yourself as a victim. You feel like you are the cause for all that is happening to YOU and you will feel stuck. First, take a deep breath and make a commitment to yourself to let go of Victim mentality and allow yourself to be a Victor. Here are the questions you must be asking:

What can I do to get new clients?

You can call your current clients and ask them who do they know that would be interested in your services. You can create a referral/affiliate program. You can search in the internet for advertising FREE. Take a look at all the prospects that contacted you earlier, but did not buy from you. Revisit their files and follow up with them to find out if they are ready to buy your products/services, now.

What can I do to facilitate response to my emails and phone calls?

Your posture is very important. We are all bundles of energy. When some one reads your email or listens to your call, he/she can feel the energy. Are you communicating with an excitement to the client or with an unknown fear? Learn ways to improve your energy levels and communicate effectively.

Why is my company making a loss?
When you ask yourself "why is my company making a loss?", you are left with no choice but to regret the past and worry about the future.

Now ask yourself the question - What can I do to reverse from loss to profit? Write down the answer that comes up to you. I am sure you will come up with answers such as, reduce employees, hire freelancers, automate, cut costs etc. Next, take baby steps to implement each of these strategies.

Do you see how your self talk can impact your thinking and inspire you to take action towards your goal?


1. Make a commitment to be conscious of your self talk.
2. When you find yourself putting off doing an important task, shift your thinking and ask empowering questions.

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