When you consider that one in two Americans are destined to experience cancer and one in three Americans born after 2000 will get diabetes; when you see that heart disease, asthma, and obesity are raging and that new superbugs are raising the real prospect of devastating plagues - isn’t is time to ask “what are we doing wrong?” and “what should we be doing about it”?

You can’t say the trouble is because we don’t spend enough on healthcare. Already, seventeen cents of every dollar spent in America go on healthcare. It’s expected to rise to twenty cents by 2010. So what’s wrong with this picture?

In my opinion, so many of us are getting sick because of three really bad ideas that have come to dominate our thinking and distort our reality in pernicious ways. Once we buy into them, all sorts of problems become rampant. The good news is that a lot of us have woken-up to them, but they continue to exert a hold on the minds of very many people.

Myth Number One: “My doctor will take care of me.”
In fact, when you look carefully at whom your doctor really looks after, you’ll find your doctor takes care of his or herself - not you. As long as you think your doctor is responsible for your health, or will step in and rescue you if you need help, you are going to get sicker. Just look at the statistics. After all, you only see your doctor when something is wrong. You don’t see much of your doctor when you are well. It’s not as though your doctor is in touch with you every month figuring out how to prevent you from getting sick.

As long as you believe that your doctor is going to take care of you, you’ve set yourself up to get sick. You’re going to be part of the alarming statistics.

If that’s not bad enough, the next two really bad myths are held by doctors, so once you surrender your authority over your body to them, you’ll suffer from their effects.

Myth Number Two: “ Health is restored when symptoms are made to go away”
This is your doctor’s mission in life. Diseases are defined as collections of symptoms. When a patient “presents” with symptoms, doctors diagnose a “disease” and prescribe treatment to suppress the symptoms.

Only doctors are allowed to treat diseases. They have secured a monopoly on treating “diseases”, and this symptom-suppression-thinking has become their dogma. Imagine taking your car to a mechanic because an engine light is on (symptom) and he takes out the bulb so the light turns off (symptom suppressed) and tells you he’s solved the problem with the engine. In the meantime your engine burns up because the light was indicating that it was out of oil. Symptom suppression is a core “bad idea” at the heart of “modern” medicine.

Myth Number Three: “We are made up of parts that can be treated as though they are entirely separate from each other.”
Doesn’t it seem strange that different parts of our bodies get treated in different wings of the hospital, sometimes even in different buildings? Where does it all come together? The fact is, it doesn’t. That’s why no one person - except you - can ever really be in charge of your health.

Our doctors have adopted the idea that they can look at separate parts of us, in separate buildings, and come up with solutions to our “diseases” that will work. But we are more than the sum of our parts. Put all of our parts on the table and you get a mess, not a vibrant human being.

In the meantime, who’s in charge of keeping the air we breathe clear, the water we drink fresh and pure, and our food nutritious and wholesome? That’s another responsibility that’s been out-sourced. You can see, smell, taste and feel the results of the out-sourcing, and it’s making us sick.

Who is really in charge of our health? It’s not the doctors. It’s only very recently that they have reluctantly started taking an interest in good nutrition - and they are not leading any kind of charge to get the toxins out of our environment.

When did the American Medical Association every urge its members to take to the streets to protest the degradation of our living environment? They don’t regard that as part of their job because there’s no money in it for them. Their job is to suppress symptoms, not to stop us from getting sick. Their vision is tragically narrow and meanwhile we continue to get sick.

It seems fairly obvious we all would benefit from taking charge of our own health. Eventually, that includes taking better care of our environment and taking better care of each other.

As we shift into a more accurate picture of reality by turning around the three myths I’ve described, our health problems become much more manageable. We can replace these myths with these truths, using the following affirmations:


1. I am in charge of my health and I can decide what helpers I appoint to assist me in staying healthy.

2. My body’s natural intelligence provides me with feedback in the form of signs and symptoms that let me know what I need to change to stay healthy.

3. Everything I do has consequences for me and for others and I do best when I attend to the whole picture, not just a part of it.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. James Chappell is a board-certified chiropractic physician, traditional naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist, and medical herbalist.
Since 1971, he has specialized in developing natural healing treatment protocols for chronic, severe and terminally ill people that support the body’s capacity to heal itself. He has devoted his professional life to researching, applying and teaching natural healing methods and formulating natural products that complement his practice.
Dr. Chappell does not follow any one discipline or program and, when necessary, will recommend orthodox medical treatment.
He serves as a medical consultant for The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico.
Dr. Chappell is known for his work with chronic, severe and supposedly terminally-ill people. To date, he has advised over 10,000 patients one-on-one, and over 100,000 people in seminars throughout the country.
He has been formulating clinical grade nutraceuticals and botanicals for over 30 years. He was the first to create an organic, whole-plant, botanical formula to normalize glucose in people with sugar metabolism problems. Under different labels, this herbal compound is sold in the United States and other countries.