For those with an urgent need to build an alkaline body, there are three alkalinity boosters that are reliable, effective, and inexpensive. They complement and accelerate the overall movement towards an alkaline body caused by eating more fruits and vegetables, and eating less sugar and animal protein.

You can easily test how alkaline or acid your body is. Sickness thrives in an acid pH. So if you are prone to yearly colds and flu, or if you feel badly a lot of the time, or if you have a serious health challenge, you are most likely acidic.

If you want proof, you can get pH paper from your local pharmacy. It’s very inexpensive. I like the range from 5.5 to 8.0. You can use it to test your urine and saliva every morning. If you are below 7, you are acid. If you are above 7 you are alkaline. It’s that simple..

If you are already eating your share of fruits and vegetables and are eating less sugar and animal protein, but still you are on the acid side, here is what you can do to build an alkaline body very quickly.

The first thing is to take fossilized stony coral. It is a whole food mineral complex that is 87% calcium -- the number one buffering mineral the body uses to neutralize acid. In fact, if the body is too acidic, it will draw calcium from the bones and teeth to ensure the blood stays alkaline. I strongly recommend fossilized, rather than marine coral. Fossilized coral comes from above the ground, from deposits laid down thousands of years ago when the land was under the ocean. It is free of the toxins found in today’s oceans which is where the other form of coral – “marine coral” – is found. In order to neutralize the mercury, lead and other toxins found in marine coral, our government requires that it be heated to very high temperatures, and this can cause changes to the structure of the remaining minerals. So you want to use fossilized stony coral, not marine coral.

The health benefits of fossilized coral are profound and extensive, which is why I recommend it as the first thing to do to build an alkaline body. Minerals are the building blocks of our health. If we are deficient in any of them, or if they are out of balance, we are likely to get sick. Isolated minerals, like magnesium, zinc, or any others, can actually cause the mineral balance in the body to go awry. That is why I always recommend whole food sources of nutrients -- and minerals are no exception. You can do yourself a power of good with fossilized stony coral at the same time as you accelerate your vital shift towards an alkaline body.

The second thing to do is to put some electrolytic minerals in the water you drink. I’m assuming you are already drinking a good amount of pure water. As you probably know, hydration is the number one requirement for your health overall, and if you are serious about shifting your body towards the alkaline side, I’m assuming you are already drinking plenty of pure water instead of sodas, caffeine, and alcohol, all of which pull the body strongly in the opposite, acidic, direction.

What I’m recommending here is how you can get an extra alkalizing boost from the water that you drink – how to make “alkalizing water” become part of your life style, so that building and maintaining an alkaline body become very easy for you. That’s what happens when you add zeta crystals, a form of electrolytic minerals, to the water you drink.

The third thing you can do to build an alkaline body very quickly is to add sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to the water you are drinking. Ideally, you would add it to the electrolytic minerals as I described above, in the ratio of one level tablespoon per gallon of water. I suggest you get your baking soda from the health food store so you can be sure it will contain no additional chemicals.

Stony fossilized coral, electrolytic minerals, and sodium bicarbonate will alkalize your body and create an ideal pH environment for your health and longevity.

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