There are 3 primary Business Building Principles to focus on when structuring your Network Marketing Team.

This article in MyIncomeBlog, will address the importance of the mlm structure within your networking organization which directly affects stability and profitability in your quest to Build Your Online Internet Income.

Consider this…If a major retail outlet were to build a new store, would they pile all of their products and services on the side of the road, while they’re building the store and flag down cars to buy them? Of course not! They would first choose a place and build a structure. Then, they would hire personnel and executive management. Lastly, would come the products and services.

When you build a Network Marketing Team, you must build a wide and deep network marketing structure through which your products and services can flow. Here is how it works…

BUILDING PRINCIPLE # 1 - Width Builder

  • Width builds profitability in your network, whether you’re allowed binary or unlimited personal sponsorship.
  • You must have the appropriate amount of width for your goals and your teachings. With proper frontline training, your sponsor or upline coach will assist you with their Systems. To supplement that, you easily search for numerous online frontline marketing principles, web site leads generation and prospecting methods in most search engines.
  • Having the appropriate amount of width with new frontline coming into the business will encourage your existing Business Owners and renew your excitement. The model Business Owner has 2 (binary) to 20 or more active legs.

BUILDING PRINCIPLE # 2 - Depth Charger

As a leader, you will have a minimum of 3 strong growing legs running for 5 to 20 levels of depth for your security.

  • Building Depth provides stability in your networking organization.
  • Ultimately, you must have at least one leg 5 to 20 levels in depth in which you have built and developed the relationships.
  • If you have a leg to use as an example, your training and teaching will have full impact with your multilevel marketing network. Without a model leg, you will have to work harder to be effective. Your model legs validate the information you are promoting and teaching.

BUILDING PRINCIPLE # 3 - Key Relationships

A key relationship exists when a Business Owner is performing the Business Building Principles and is duplicating those principles with others.

  • You must identify and establish 3 to 5 key relationships in each of your legs that are 5 to 20 levels in depth.
  • Each newly-identified key Network Marketing Leader is committed to the results indicators and exemplifies loyalty, is teachable, a positive problem solver and sets goals.

MLM duplication produce residuals when your new Network Marketing Mentor, learns, does and teaches the proven principles and practices of your Network Marketing Team!

To Your Success!

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