Your body language can say a lot about you. People can tell if you're happy, sad, bored, in pain, excited, tense, etc. by what your body language is saying. The body language you have when approaching women is the first thing they see and will make you or break you.

There are three rules to remember about your body language: 1) be friendly and approachable, 2) sideways facing for approach, and 3) be relaxed.

1) be friendly and approachable - if your posture is rigid, your arms crossed, and your shoulders are tensed up, and your jaw is locked, you look anxious and possibly angry. Try this posture: leaning back on a rail or wall, your arms are down to your sides, your head is up and your shoulders are relaxed. You have a smile on your face and your shaking your head up and down while you're talking with others. This is a much more open and friendly posture and facial expression.

2) sideways facing for approach - when coming up to meet a woman avoid coming directly in front of her. This type of approach is too direct and can make a woman feel aggressed. Approach her slightly on the side. Not too far back where she can't see you, but not directly in front of her. This gives her the option of turning to you to give you her full attention, or, stay sideways to you to assess you a bit. This give her a bit of control when meeting you and the first conversation.

3) be relaxed - remain relaxed in your posture and attitude. Yes, your attitude is part of your body language. Smile, move your arms and hands freely. Move your eyes around her face from time to time. This will be more natural and friendly, putting her at ease.

If you follow these three rules for body language when you go out to meet anyone, anywhere. You'll find that this is easy, quick, and friendly.

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Alex Coulson has been a core leader in the ever evolving dating industry, he holds cutting-edge dating workshops/courses every weekend around Australia and regularly holds dating seminars on attracting women internationally.