Although I can remember talking to God as a child, when I was an adult and thought about talking to God, what came to mind was: "Who are you to think that you can talk to God?"

There are lots of thoughts that arise within us when we think about hearing God's Voice: "Talking to God is impossible. Talking to God is something that only Holy or special people can do. Talking to God is something that takes years of practice and dedication. One has to be in a monastery or be a priest to be able to talk to God." In truth, all of these thoughts are just distractions that keep us from connecting with God.


When you begin to think about talking to God or hearing the Holy Spirit, allow yourself to recognize the thoughts that arise within you. Do you become afraid when you think about hearing God's Voice? A fearful thought could be as simple as, "I'll never be able to do that." It could be a thought that says, "I'm not worthy of talking to God. God would never talk to me." It could be, "Look at all the things that I have said and done. Why would God bother with me?"

Notice which thoughts and emotions arise within your mind as you think about talking with God or hearing God's Voice, and then recognize that they are JUST thoughts.

Do your best to notice those thoughts, emotions, or beliefs as lovingly and kindly as you can. They are just thoughts that arise. They are not a reflection of you. When you notice them for what they really are and respond to them with truth, love, and kindness, you become free to continue to focus on your connection with God.

There is nothing that can stop you from joining with God and having more peace and love in your life. Even if you're not sure how to respond with the truth to a thought that arises, just remind yourself, "Nothing can keep me from joining with God," and continue to move along on that path.

Since it is only a thought that can keep you from experiencing God, allow yourself to notice what thoughts have arisen in the past few minutes while reading this article. Make note of these thoughts and allow yourself in the next few days to continue to become more aware of what thoughts come up when you think about talking with God. Take a look at each thought and allow a truthful response to each one to come to you so that you know no matter what arises, there is nothing that can keep you from your Source. Focus on this in the next few days and find out how much more connected you feel to God in doing so.

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