Question: I would like clarification on this thought: "Your present isnot a result of your past."

Answer: Since now is all there is, nothing in the present can be aresult of your past. Your past has nothing to do with the present,unless you drag your past into the present, which then becomes yourfuture, but all of that is lived right now. In other words--nothing butwhere you are now holds any weight unless you get weighed down aboutwhat went down in the past, even a moment ago.

That feeling comes from the past, and because everything is lived now,it can't be a result of the past. If in your now you are livingsomething from the past, you are still experiencing the memory of thatnow. There is no other place that it can exist.

And as far as the future goes, it will be lived in the present moment ofnow as well. If you view something in the past or future, you are wherethat is now. So given that everything is happening in the now, it can'tbe a result from your past. That is why it is best to let things go ifthey do not "send you"!

When you send a message that feels good when you think about it, thatmessage is going on now . and will be lived in another now. In essencethere is no past or future, not really, because when you go to a memoryof the past or imagine the is right here and now that you areexperiencing what that is. The manifestation or material form is simplylived in another now. It does not matter what you are experiencing,because as you go there, the only place that it in the momentyou go there.

The more moments you emit emotions about things, the more those thingsbecome energized and lived in the present moment of another now. Itreally doesn't matter what has gone on in the past, because each new nowis new life. You are born anew with each new breath you breathe or withevery beat of your heart. Each beat and breath reminds us that now isall there is! It remains a constant just as we live through the constantbeating of the heart and the breath we take. They are on autopilot.justas the now present moment keeps reoccurring. Change is the onlyconstant, so things are constantly returning to now.

No matter where we go, we are there now. That is why all our power is inthe here and now. There is no other place that it can exist. If we givein to our fears of what may come in the future or to pains of the past.we are where that is right now. Our now holds the power, so whateverwe hold onto is what we empower.

That now, if held onto, then becomes what we experience in another now.That is why it makes no sense to go to where it doesn't feel good, evenfor a moment. The now moment is all we have, so if we give it away toanything other than what brings us joy, what's the point?

If something "ticks us off," right now is a good time to have a goodshout and get it out, so we can continue to the next moment that feelsgood now!

Our present moment is our gift or present, because it is where we livenow that brings us into what we will live in another now. So it makesall the sense in the world to present ourselves with the gift of thepresent moment, with one that brings us joy.

When we shop for a gift for a loved one, or a gift for ourselves, we buythings that bring us joy, or give joy to others. I really rather doubtthat while gift giving (to ourselves or others) we would buy somethingwe know would be unwanted or unpleasant.

But when it comes to buying into beliefs that comes from the thoughts wethink, we find ourselves purchasing things that we would never take homefor the having.

That is why living in the moment, awake to its power, is a good thing tobring up to fuller consciousness, because it holds all the power and thekey to Creation.

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