One of the most interesting, yet baffling, things about life is that out of all the people in the world, a few fortunate ones will touch our lives in a special way and leave lasting impressions. One such person is your karmic soul mate.

While other soul mates come into your life for intimate reasons, not so the karmic soul mates; for they are the ones who come into your life to teach you something about yourself or help you with a particular task.

While there are usually no sexual relations with this person, there is still that bond, that closeness, that inevitable feeling that this person is pretty darn special. It may be a special friend, co-worker or even a member of your family, but one thing is for sure, without them your life would not be complete.

I have compiled ten questions and answers that will explain in more detail what karmic soul mates are all about. It is my hope that you come away with a clearer understanding of the karmic soul mate relationship and can use this knowledge to recognize those people who touch you in ways no others can.

Can a karmic relationship go on to the next level?

No. Once a karmic soul mate, always a karmic soul mate. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of believing that there is more there that really isn’t. The karmic soul mate solely comes into your life to teach you something or you teach them and then they – as well as you – move on.

What kind of lessons do karmic soul mates teach you?

That depends on the particular situation. One karmic soul mate may come into your life to teach you about strength, while another might teach you about compassion. I’ve had karmic soul mates come into my life to show me that I needed to stop and smell the roses. I’ve had karmic soul mates come into my life to show me how to better myself. I’ve also had karmic soul mates come into my life to help me complete tasks I wouldn’t otherwise know how to do on my own.

Do karmic soul mates find their way into each other’s path again?

Of course. But when they do, it’s to learn new lessons.

The karmic soul mate bond, just as in other soul mate relationships, never goes away.

You say that family members can be karmic soul mates. Can you give an example?

Your mother is your first karmic soul mate. The aunt who took care of you when your parents couldn’t is another example. The grandmother who encouraged you throughout college, and was always there for you when others couldn’t or wouldn’t. Good examples of karmic soul mates. They support you, love you and are there for you.

Can animals be soul mates, too?

Yes, as funny as this seems, animals can fall into this category.

I have a story in my anthology, Romancing the Soul, by an incredible writer named Avie Townsend that exemplifies the karmic soul mate experience beautifully.

When I read her story about a cat she owned named Eli, I knew right away that this was no ordinary pet. Avie and Eli had connected on a spiritual level and exhibited extraordinary personal communication. Cats, as well as other animals, all have souls.

Remember, every living organism on this earth can become your soul mate.

If this is so, what about that philodendron sitting in my living room? It is a living organism. Can that plant be a soul mate, too?

As strange as it sounds, yes. Because of the fact that it is a living, breathing organism, it has potential of becoming a karmic soul mate. Have you ever seen a homeless person carrying around a certain plant? I have. That plant must have had special meanings to it or could it be they have connected on a karmic soul mate plane? Sure!

It is a documented fact that when you talk to plants, they thrive. Ignore them and while they may not die, they do not prosper as much than if you were to “connect” with them on a spiritual level. Talk to your plants and see if I’m not right.

Anything that is breathing and alive can be a potential soul mate.

Could I ever end up marrying my karmic soul mate?

No. This would fall into the companion soul mate category.

What are the differences?

A karmic soul mate comes into your life for you to teach them something or to learn something from them. A companion soul mate comes into your life for intimacy and/or childbearing.

A karmic soul mate comes into your life intermittently while a companion soul mate relationship can go on for years.

A karmic soul mate is the easiest soul mate to find while the companion soul mate takes time and much thought and is the most tumultuous of the three separate kinds of soul mates.

Why do you say tumultuous?

The karmic soul mate relationship usually stays on an even keel, while the companion soul mate comes with its own set of problems. That’s not saying that there won’t be differences within the karmic soul mate relationship, but that it never gets as explosive as it does within the companion soul mate relationship. Of the three kinds of soul mates – karmic, companion and twin soul – the companion soul mate relationship is the category that takes a lot of work for it to succeed. A karmic soul mate relationship requires no – if little – work to remain at an even balance of wills and demands.

What else would you like to say about soul mates?

In order for you to fulfill your life’s destiny, you must allow your karmic soul mates to enter your life. What would have happened if Lucy did not have Ethel to get her out of all those jams? Karmic soul mates come into your life for reasons and it is through them that we discover an important side to life in general and to ourselves, too. Our lives would not be complete if not for the incredible bond of the karmic soul mate.

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