Relationships come and go. Some flourish. Some flop. Why?

One person has a business. Another person has the same type business. One business thrives. The other falls short. Why?

The Answer: Heart Failure

This is not the same type of heart failure as your physical body experiences – but it is. When your physical heart fails, you die from lack of life-blood that is supposed to be pumped to all your vital organs, to all the necessary venues. These places demand that life-blood to survive and thrive.

If you cut the life-blood off, your heart is not doing its job. It’s failing. You will experience heart failure and it will kill your business. It will kill your relationship. In your physical body, it will kill you.

How’s your heart?
Are you exercising it by demanding action toward whatever it takes to pump the life-blood into your area of desired success?

It’s interesting to learn how many people desire and even demand success but don’t commit to giving all to succeed. It’s like a victim of a heart attack demanding his body be in shape while he continues to eat fat burgers and grease fries… every meal.

Something doesn’t jive with that picture.

What is your desired area of success?

- Your business/job?

- Your relationship/family?

- Your physical health?

These are all different areas of life, but the desired outcome is the same... to succeed.

Here are few things that can help move you toward that successful outcome no matter which category your in.


I’m not talking about the heartburn you get after a heavy meal. This heartburn is more of a thirst. A deep, rich thirst. This heart burn/thirst is a nagging deep within you to achieve. You must cultivate this heartburn – this thirst.

Once you’ve recognized this burning, learn everything you can about how to move toward your goal.


Take action to answer this heartache, your burning desire or your thirst - whatever you want to call it. The difference between everyday heartache and the heartache of success is that the heartache of success is a tug to take action.

It’s a gut-wrenching need to get something done. The “something” to get done is any step you can take to work toward your goal.


Normal rhythm is the eventual pace that is achieved. Your goal is to make your everyday life of what you desire your normal rhythm. It may be that you have not achieved that normal rhythm and don’t know how to get there.

Look at it like this.

- Have you ever wanted a new automobile?
- Have you ever wanted a new home?
- Have you ever wanted a significant other?
- Have you ever wanted an education?
- Have you ever wanted new furniture?
- Have you ever wanted a new job / career?
- Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere you’ve never been?

Chances are you’ve wanted at least one thing from the above list of questions.

Pick out one or two from the above list that you have wanted, pursued and achieved. Now think about the time before you achieved them.

The point is you didn’t have what you wanted. You found out what it took to get it and … guess what… it’s now a part of your everyday “normal rhythm” of life.

If you want something bad enough, the rules work the same way. You just have to decide how bad you want it and find out how to make it happen. Just like with your new home. Just like with your new car. Just like with your new career. Just like with...

I can promise you this. If you put your heart into it, and never give up, you will achieve it. On the flip side if you allow yourself to slip into heart failure, you won’t.

Until next time keep looking and living forward.

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