How many times have you felt like giving up? How many times
have you thought it's not worth it? How many experiences
have you had that made you think, "Why am I doing this?" It
could be a small business venture you're going for. It
could be a relationship you decided to go into.

Maybe you're just exhausted and standing there with your
hands in the air ready to throw in the towel.

This could be any one of us with any path we decided to
travel. It's not limited to the CEO. It's not limited to
the overwhelmed single mom even. I'm speaking to any one
who has too much on your plate or just feels like you're on
the brink of utter failure.

Consider this your wake up call.

There are several things that people do that create the
failure feeling. It's fairly consistent across the board.
There may be variations of these, but for the most part
these are the 3 main issues.

If you feel overwhelmed and at the end of your rope in your
endeavor or in life in general, STOP TRYING.

If you have a personality that never quits until everything
is just right - guess what. You'll be going forever. You'll
never accomplish perfection. You are human. You are not
going to be perfect.

There's a difference in being perfect and being more than
anyone ask for in your value. If you stop at "more in
value" you'll have hit a homerun.

Perfection is not a goal. If you make it your goal, hang up
any chance for success. It won't happen. Perfection, no
matter how hard you try to attain it, will elude you every

This is another curse of those who dream of success. If you
try to be someone else, you'll fail without a doubt. If you
can't accomplish success being you, you're not going to

Now don't get "trying to be someone else" confused with
modeling others behaviors and actions. There's a difference.
If you're modeling the plan that others have had success in,
you may not necessarily have the idea of trying to be
someone else.

If you are just using a model that has already worked and
you're not using the same positioning, you're not claiming
the same promises, you're not selling the same product,
you're in the clear.

Just be aware of the difference and steer clear of any
identity that isn't your own.

If you're the kind of person that has to get it all done and
"it has to be now!" then you are about to hit burn-out - if
you haven't already. There's only so long a person can go
before giving out.

It may not be profitable for you to do everything anyway.
Count the cost of your task. How much does it cost you to
complete your next job? Look at your to-do-list. How much
is it going to cost you to... wash your car, paint the
house or cut the grass?

Couldn't that job be given to someone else? You could use
your time more wisely I'm sure. You may use that time to
make far more cash than you would ever spend hiring someone
to do it for you. However, if you really enjoy painting the
house - go ahead.

Happiness is a great asset. It can't be replaced.

Take a look at the previous 3 things. Do you fall into one
or more of these categories? Do you know someone who does?
If this doesn't seem to be you, be warned. In the journey
of success, it's easy to get caught up in one of these 3
lifestyles. Take inventory of your life on occasion. Assess
your lifestyle. Keep these in mind when assessing.

If you find yourself slipping, just remember 2 words.


Until next time, keep looking and living forward.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Thompson is creator of Forward-Living is a new way of thinking and living. It's an approach to life that focuses on fine tuning all 4 Cylinders of YOU to create your Ulitmate Success. The 8 Keys to Forward-Living are FREE right now.