We often get angry at that which we cannot comprehend. We don't fully understand the spiritual realm nor its inhabitants. We tell ourselves that blind faith is the answer. However, we are an intelligent species and as such we will never really buy into that concept. Remember that North America existed with its people and their cultures long before it was 'discovered' by Europeans. Whether the people of Europe believed in the Mayans or Cherokee didn't really alter the fact that they existed quite happily without being acknowledged as 'real' by the educated and civilized people elsewhere on the planet. It's the same with the spirit world. Whether or not we ever figure them out or scientifically prove their existence doesn't change whether they're real or not. Not understanding who or what they are is the root of why we lose faith in them so easily.

It's hard to believe in something you can't see with your own two eyes. Yes, we've all heard the stories of people who say they can actually see them, but that is definitely not the common man's experience. Even those of us who hear the voices agree that we rarely hear the voices coming from outside of our own heads. It's more telepathic then it is audible. To physically feel their presence is more like an electric tingle then anything else. We are taught to rely on our five main senses. Anything that doesn't register on any of those antennae must not be real. That in and of itself makes it just about impossible to ever be really sure if they are real or we're just making them up in our heads for entertainment or savior purposes.

Losing faith in your angels is about as normal as losing faith in God. Both are mysterious and never seen. Both give signs that something somewhere outside of us is looking over us, but we're not sure if it's an angry God or a loving one. And we're not sure who's side those little fairies, angels, and spirit guides are working for. We have all heard the stories of how they have helped others. I've seen in my own life the eerie reality of their uncanny influence. Yet, I myself have never laid eyes on any of them. I just 'feel' them and telepathically 'hear' them. I can't prove to you there are angels looking over us any more than I can prove that there is a God. It's the lack of tangible proof that makes it so hard to maintain belief in all things spiritual.

Did your guides tell you something that didn't appear to be true? Did they tell you to turn right when for all basic purposes it looks like you should have turned left? I got so mad at my angels one time, that I forbid them to speak to me and I gave them the silent treatment for almost a year! It took me that long to realize that they didn't technically lie to me.... I assumed that what they said meant something more then it did. They were comparing a new man in my life to my soulmate that I'd been dreaming about for a couple of years. I assumed that they were pointing out all of the similarities between this guy and my long awaited soulmate because they wanted me to recognize him as such. They never said, "THIS ONE IS YOUR SOULMATE." Contrary to what the bible teaches, I was allowed to scream and yell and tell them off without being cursed or doomed to hell. As soon as I felt like reconnecting with them, they were more then happy to pick up where we left off without even so much as requiring an apology from me. I'm not sorry and they aren't either. They don't hold grudges.

You also have to remember that they are not bound by time the way we are. Just because we get ourselves all worked up over timelines and such doesn't mean that they are. If they're going to help you turn your financial world around, don't get mad if they don't cover your rent on time. It's not that they don't care or that they didn't hear your prayer. It's just not that important in the big scheme of things. They once explained it to me that we are all walking around in a foggy haze and are therefore having a hard time seeing where we're going but they can see it all clearly. They aren't any wiser or better then us. They just have clearer vision then we do. The concept of time is a piece of that fog that makes everything murky for us. We are controlled by time. They are not.

If you're expecting your angels and guides to behave like perfect saints, then you probably are going to get mad at them. They're not really all that different from us. They just don't have the ego attachments that we have. They aren't angered by our disbelief because they are really detached from our approval. Think of it like this.... You're trying to maneuver your way through a thick forest with plenty of undergrowth. They are there to guide you and to help you find a path amongst all of the trees. It's real easy to keep bumping into trees and such, but you have to remember that when you want to cuss and yell because your guide LET you walk into yet another tree... it's not their job to uproot the tree and move it for you. They say, "Turn left." If you turn a bit too far to the left and bonk, that doesn't mean that they lied or that they don't care. However, I swear I've heard them snicker and laugh. They are practical jokers and love a good laugh just as much as you and I do, but it doesn't mean that they don't love us.

Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge

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