Regardless of how enlightened we may think we are, we all think and act from our perception of ourselves. We might call this perception our “box”. We can find out what kind of box we orient from by looking at where we live, what we do on a daily basis, how we dress, who we hang out with, what we do in our leisure time and what we think about.

We identify ourselves from our box. Actually, we identify ourselves from any label we put on ourselves, even from the label of man or woman. Every time we slap a label on ourselves, we box ourselves into our definition of that label. And we operate out of that label.

I once had a client who when introducing himself would say, “Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a diabetic.” He lived his life around being a diabetic rather than seeing it as a self-limiting label.

We find people doing this by telling themselves they are a “fat person”, “an unattractive person”, “a loser”, “dumb”, “not good enough”, etc. Every day of their lives is determined by that concept of themselves (their box).

Stop for a moment and think about how many times you stopped yourself from doing something because of the box you’ve chosen to live in.

If we decide that we don’t like our box and want to change it, then we have to think from a different box. As Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem from the same thinking that created it. And you can’t change your box from the mindset of that same box.

Once we decide to change our box we often find ourselves in a struggle. After all, how do you think from a place different than where you are if you’ve never been there before?

My favorite use of this is with the Law of Attraction. To attract something, you’re supposed to “feel” what it’s like to be in possession of the object. If you’ve never had a million dollars how would know what it would feel like? Sure, some people can imagine it but for many people in this world, it’s so far from where they are that they can’t even begin to imagine it.

So how do you think from a different box? The simplest way to get started is to begin asking yourself different questions. In order to start learning anything different, you have to ask questions. If someone wants to change their life but continuously asks, “Why me?” he will stay in the victim mode and never change. But, if he asks, “What can I do to change this? How can I behave or act differently which will have the greatest impact on changing my situation?” then he takes control of his life and can actually do something that deviates from his box.

Another way of looking at this is thru the use of Acting As If. If you wanted to be successful in your business or career and you asked yourself the question, “How would I act if I were successful?” and then put the answer into affect, you would start to change your box.

The answers you get will not be anything new to you. You already know them. What’s different is your approach from a mindset of being in the Victim box to being in the Success box. A subtle but powerful shift.

And what’s really great about that shift is the universe works with you. What you are experiencing right now is what you sent out to the universe yesterday and the day before and the day before that. What you think and expect is a vibration that goes out to the future and then comes back to affect the now. It’s like a boomerang effect of energy.

When you Act As If and think from that box, then you are collapsing the future possibilities into now. If you keep it up, you make it the reality of a different box.

We will always operate out of our boxes. This is how we perceive ourselves. And we can create the boxes that serve our desires and us.

We need to remember that we are more than our boxes; we are more than our bodies. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience so let’s make it great!

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