Louise Cuming, head of protection at moneysupermarket.com welcomed the good news that came with the announcement from ABI, who stated that the number of Brits being covered by Private Medical Insurance had finally broken through and into the six million count.

The good news came from the knowledge that more consumers “are taking the need for protection seriously” and are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are cared for. She continued, commenting that the serious consideration of Private Medical Insurance as a means to “cover the costs of treatment for ‘acute’ conditions such as disease” would invariably mean that response to an injury or the offering necessary treatment would be much quicker than that offered by the state. The peace of mind that would come with such swift protection not only for you but your loved ones cannot be measured on any chart.

It is vital that consumers pay attention to their needs above that of the other protection products available. If you are looking for protection in the event of a chronic illness, such as cancer befalling either you or one of your loved ones, then PMI will prove to be an unsuitable insurance as it wouldn’t cover such illnesses.

As you shop around for health insurance you will notice that there is a kaleidoscope of cover, differing in their levels of cover and the prices quoted for each of them. At this junction it is again to be aware of your needs and not focus on the products being offered. Taking the time now to question what level of benefits you require and then use this information to shop around for the best price is the way to obtain health insurance that is truly relevant and appropriate for you as an individual. There may be elements of compromise but being fully aware of your priorities will ensure these are in areas that will not affect the level of cover you get. If you are looking to save money, you could opt to allow the insurer to choose any hospital in a limited range as opposed to limiting your choice of hospitals to a widespread few.

Similarly, would you rather have access to holistic and alternative therapies like aromatherapy and acupuncture or would you rather save money and have access only to traditional medicinal approaches? Answering these questions honestly will ensure you purchase a product that fits you as best as possible. Answering any of these questions with someone else in mind may result in an ill fitting policy that could be detrimental to your peace of mind, well being and overall health. In light of ill fitting policies, withholding information could result in a future claim being rejected.

Whenever life changing events are happening a review of your cover should be carried out, take a moment to check whether a change of job, a new member to the family or a change in marital status regardless of direction will affect the level of cover you require or the amount you can afford for PMI. If there is an increase in your debt you may be forced to ponder whether you would rather redirect some of your funds and possibly compromise on the level of cover you would like in favour for what you need. New companies being introduced into the market could result in you thinking your health would be better protected by this new provider, or maybe an established insurer has found new ways to cut costs and you feel a move would help your finances work harder. At this point it is important to not be swayed by price, make sure that the cover you are comparing is a like for like and that you don't cancel any policy until the new cover is in place and has started covering, remember that some policies will not cover yor the first 30 days.

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