Many people complain that The Secret, or The Law of Attraction, just doesn't work for them. They exclaim, "But I am thinking about what I want; and I DID try to believe in it -- but nothing happened!" Well, there's more to thinking than meets the eye. Most people spend most of their time thinking about things they see and hear; while people who actively create the things they want in life tune-out most of the "external noise" from their environment, and think about the things we will see in the future -- things they will create.

Imagine the Wright brothers knowing they could fly while everyone else knew that machines couldn't fly. There were no textbooks on aeronautical engineering, and no working, physical models for the Wright brothers to copy; yet they "saw" their airplane long before it was built -- in their mind's eye, with their imaginations. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "The future belongs to those who Believe in the beauty of their DREAMS."

Most people don't give imagination the credit it deserves -- favoring other modes of thought such as memory, for instance. Imagination is where all the "cool" stuff comes from -- cell phones, iPods, Plasma television, airplanes, milkshakes, and anything more "high-tech," "technologically-advanced," than a rock or a stick. Albert Einstein said, "IMAGINATION is more important than Knowledge;" new things come from minds that dream of new things -- and hearts that believe in those images enough to act on them.

If you want to be, do, or have something that you aren't experiencing right now, then you're going to need to use your imagination to create a mental image, or "mental equivalent," and a plan for achieving your goal. In other words, you are going to have to think about what you want; and, though there are many ways to think, only one of them really works to attract your desires in a form you'll enjoy.

Creative people, or people who are adept at creating their own experiences, were taught, or have learned on their own, how to:

1.) Tune-out current conditions -- focusing only on what they want, external conditions are "filtered" from the creative process.

2.) Think specifically about what they want -- using great detail, "sensory imagination," and "emotional imagination" -- they "feel it."

3.) Think positively about what they want -- thinking in ways that make them feel good about the reality of their desire or goal.

4.) Think consistently about what they want -- whether for themselves, or someone else, they think about their desire regularly.

Clearly defining your desire, and a positive reason or inspiration for the desire, is very helpful in actually experiencing it. Thinking positively about your desire keeps you in a receptive, open state, and helps you attract conditions and events that lead you to your desired outcome. Thinking consistently about your desire helps keep your mind from wandering into negative thoughts that will limit or sabotage your hopes and dreams. If you think only about what you see -- your external circumstances -- you will continue to experience versions of it.

Remember, "As a man thinketh, so it is done unto him;" and, "if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always had." Whether you prefer ancient scripture, the words of Jesus, or common "folk-wisdom," we all KNOW how it works; we just don't practice. Try thinking about what your thoughts -- and the way you're thinking them -- are attracting to, or creating for, you. If you want a hint, take a look around you; those are the things you've been thinking about. If you want something new, start thinking of things you don't see yet.

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