Thinking positively allows you to channel positive energy within you. Positive thoughts help to promote positive attitude and elevate your mood.

By being negative, we focus that energy to the point where it's hard to correct situations or even to be motivated. And it also brings you down and makes you angry. What's the point of feeling like this?

We Control Our Thoughts

We are generally in complete control of our thoughts. We have conversations with ourselves. Some people mumble out aloud, while others have it silently in their heads.

When you have fears, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and other mental issues, it is incredibly important to maintain a positive attitude and to think positively.

It's very easy to take the opposite route. That's natural. Anxiety issues can really bring you down, and just when you think things can't get any worse, they do! That's why it's important to train mental strength.

It won't happen overnight. Just like most things, it requires work. For example, if you get a negative thought, stop it dead in its tracks and replace it with a positive one.

It can also show in your appearance. Positive thinking can make you look like you're beaming! It shows, and people can notice it, just like when people can tell if you're fuming!

Be Positive And Overcome Hardship

By thinking positively, you're in a much better position to deal with adversity. If the chips are down, you're likely to overcome it quicker. Less energy is spent on postponing something that requires action.

The best site I know of that helps with positive thinking and personal development is called ThinkRightNow. It certainly made a huge difference to me and I'm sure it will for you as well.

They have excellent programs for panic disorder, social phobia, depression and many more for other areas in life. I would highly recommend using these programs because it's power certainly helped me.

Sometimes in life, we need to use certain tools to help us achieve our goals. It's not easy dealing with mental issues, but having a positive attitude will give you the strength and determination to see you through.

If you'd like to learn more about what ThinkRightNow can do for you to change your life, please check the resource provided. If it works for you, spread the word to anyone you feel needs a little help.

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Giri Anantha has experience in panic attacks and agoraphobia. His website is called Panic And Agoraphobia and for more information and resources on being positive and feeling good about yourself, go to: