Success Is A Causable Event
One of the powerful principles in The NEW Think and Grow Rich is a lesson that Napoleon Hill and Ted Ciuba teach in the Author’s Preface of The NEW Think and Grow Rich

Success is a Causable Event!

Here is how the author put it.

Like all things in Nature, knowledge of guiding principles gives you the potential power to harness those forces, such as knowledge of aerodynamics allows us to fly hundreds of passengers at a time on intercontinental flights.

In the same manner, the ways to wealth are learnable and applicable by anyone of ordinary intelligence.

Riches are a result.

The Most Fully Actualizing Are The Rich

Look around. The people who are living the best lives are the rich and wealthy. Really, it ought to be obvious. It is not the working stiff trapped into the grind of work, get check, two week’s vacation, too broke to go, no time or money to even take care of yourself.

Money gives you resources, reach, opportunities, companions, travel, education, housing, transportation, vacations, ability to have more meaningful relationships, and a thousand and one other gifts.

That is why so many drive mopeds and small motorcycles in many third-world countries. There is no money for more and they frequently never leave their neighborhood. Born, living, and dying among their family members.

While there is something to be said about the simplicity of the poor, the simple fact remains,money is power. Power is the ability to do, see, own, experience, and contribute.

The more money you have, the more advantages you have. And with the more you have, the more you can bestow.

Modest Wealth Can Be Great Prosperity.

Speaking of wealth,we throw around a lot of heavyweights in this treatise. I call them titans because they are so exceptional, they are mythic, they are bigger than life. People like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Charles Schwab. People like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, and Pierre Omidyar.

I would not want you to get the wrong idea, it is not just about joining the ranks of the super rich. A good many of the examples in this book and especially in the available supplementary materials, feature entrepreneurs who have encountered financial freedom with all the blessings they could ask for on Earth on much less than the billions the titans earn.

Besides, The NEW Think and Grow Rich was not written for the titans, they already have it, it is written for you. And when you cut to the core of it , it is really about achieving the lifestyle you want , doing it consciously and doing it soundly. Being in a state of abundance.

An abundant life always consumes a good sum of money. Therefore, that is the importance of studying the ways and means of acquiring money. According to your own definite chief aims, modest wealth can indeed be great prosperity.

The same rules apply for wealth and actualization at all levels. You get to control the intensity of your vision and your results. The method is the same for any level.

Using the philosophy that being abundant can facilitate good works in the world is a new concept to some people. You soon come to know that this way of thinking is a way that can accomplish so much good for you, your family, friends associates and even globally.

With the introduction of the Internet people have been brought closer together than ever before.

Just think for a moment about the Internet. Where would our world be today if a group of people had not taken a chance and went ahead with their idea to develop an idea of such a thing, using strange technology.

It may have been thought of as strange because only a few individuals could see the potential in such a thing and went their own way to accomplish their goal.

There are many ideas that have yet to be realized because that one person has not gone against all the nay sayers and disbelievers.

The New Think and Grow Rich book is the key to unlocking the untapped potential inside us all.

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