Ask almost anyone and they will tell you that they need more patience. And, as the joke goes, they need it NOW!
The big secret is we CAN have it now.

Whatever we think about, we attract

There is a law of the universe that operates on all fronts of life called the “law of attraction.” It says that whatever we think about is what we attract. Translated into simple language, this means that if we consider ourselves impatient, we will be impatient.

We set ourselves up

Why? Because we are setting ourselves up for impatient thinking. We think to ourselves (and we know about it because we have done it too), “this is stupid. They could have planned this better.” Now we are starting ourselves on the negative downslide. We begin to feel irritable.

If we are standing in line at the market, we may look around to see if there are other annoyed people around us, too. Recognize the scenario?

So, how do we start being patient?

How do we stop it? No one really wants to be repeatedly irritated. We would rather feel good, and we would feel good, if we knew how.

Let’s ask, is it even possible to stop being impatient and irritated? Yes. The same law of attraction can be used to change from irritation to relaxation.

When we think, we cause things to happen

Recent experts in the psychology of learning tell us that when we say or think something repeatedly, we actually cause it to happen. Dr. Martin Seligman, noted psychologist and author, says that what we think about influences our emotions. Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, says that if we talk about bad things, we cause bad things to happen to us.

We like patient people

Impatience is not a good thing. We are more comfortable with patient people, people who give us time and their own personal energy.

Where does stress come from?

Negative and impatient thoughts cause stress. Stress is the basis of illness. To be healthy and happy we need to think healthy and happy thoughts. Even when we are waiting in line somewhere. We need to switch channels, like we do with the remote and the TV. Stress comes from a single negative thought. Let’s look at how Jim Scully handled this.

Switch channels

Jim Scully, a businessman in his 30’s, who commutes three hours a day to work and back, says he finally got tired of fuming all the time when he was driving. “I needed to take some radical measures,” he said.

“I decided I didn’t care if people saw me singing in the car,” Jim said. “If they were smart they would do the same thing.” But that isn’t all Jim does. He knows about the law of attraction.

I wanted to be in a good mood

“It is important for me to be in a good mood when I get to work,” Jim says. “To do that I have to think positive thoughts. So I tell the universe, out loud, how grateful that I am for lots of things – like good roads, drivers who know how to drive, and people who let me change lanes, for example.”

“After that, I look around at the trees and flowers, even the sky and the interesting clouds, and tell the universe how much I appreciate all these good things.”

I got a new relaxation level

At first, Jim said, it did feel a little peculiar. But before very long he noticed a real change in his relaxation level. Jim said, “Notice I didn’t say ‘anxiety level’?
Even the word produces stress to me. So I use words that make me feel good. Relaxation and patience are good words and make me calm.”

Now people like to see me coming

“Now I arrive at work happy and cheerful, filled up with good thoughts. I am ready to be of benefit to other people. People are glad to see me coming now. They didn’t used to be,” he adds.

Our thoughts make us feel good – or bad

We can consciously create how we live and feel in our daily lives by staying aware of our thoughts and words, says Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret. By choosing words that help us feel good, our days will be easier and healthier.

Do these positive things

Here are some choices for ways to think more positively about our waiting experiences. Using these words will change your emotions and experiences from the harmful negative to the encouraging positive. When we wait, we can think and feel good by:

• Thinking happy thoughts
• Singing tunes to ourselves or out loud
• Thanking the angels for a short wait
• Having a friendly phone conversation
• Listening to or an enjoyable book or good music
• Feeling at ease and enjoying the drive
• Thanking the universe for all the good things we see around us
• Telling ourselves we feel good

Cancel out these negative thoughts

In contrast, these are some of the words and phrases that you don’t want to use any more. If you recognize them as being familiar, just be happy you are eliminating them from your conversation.

This is stupid
I always get in the slowest line or lane
I shouldn’t be doing this now
I’ll be late
Don’t they know I’m in a hurry?
It never fails that I’m last
My feet hurt (or my something else)

We create the quality of our own lives

The most important fact of life – one that is seldom taught in the schools -- is that we are the masters of our own lives. Successful, rich, creative people know this, but most of the population does not realize the truth of the knowledge that we create our own lives.

The 21st century, however, sees this knowledge becoming more widely spread. More people now understand that we control the amount of happiness we have in our lives through choosing our thoughts and our words.

It starts with a simple, “I am patient. I know how to wait successfully. I am good at it. No one can keep me from enjoying myself while I wait.”

When we let our positive thoughts soar out ahead of us, by deciding to be patient or unflappable, we actually become that way. It is within the realm of our own thoughts. We now know that we are in charge of our own happiness and things are GREAT wherever we are.

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Stella Pacific and Dr. Kathy Joyce Abbott are miracle coaches in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California where there are more people waiting in line or on the road every day than anywhere else in the world. They are all becoming more patient and happy as they wait. Stella and Kathy are offering free lifetime memberships to their SoulCandyCards at