This may be a bit tongue in cheek but it is a true story. I know this for a fact as I am the one who had the heart attack.

No, I did not use the book to break my fall when I was in the throws of the attack, or to rest my head on in the ambulance. I used it two months later as medication.

Medication works on your brain to change your mood, thought patterns or act on the pain control centers.

I wanted to find a way to help myself. I thought that if I changed my attitude and mindset I could release the hold my heart attack was having on my well being. I felt stuck in one emotional and financial place.

After a heart attack there is a period of adjustment that takes place. Depending on your individual case you may need to stop working at your old job and find a new way to receive an income. I had to do this and found out how to write a book, start a blog and post articles at different sites to get my message out there.

I was always interested in psychology and I recognized that now I could turn that desire about the human mind into the study of anxiety, panic, depression and other disorders.

Until I had a reason to focus on my burning desire and the opportunity came along , I was not fulfilling my lifes interest. When there was a problem and I found a solution to it, this was the way I began to get my life back in order again.

On a personal level, I was thrust into a physical situation that I was having difficulty with. I was not able to be as active as I had been, therefore putting me at risk of gaining weight . This bothered me until I realized that I felt happy and grateful to be alive. I learned from studying The New Think And Grow Rich philosophy that I had choices and began associating with people who had a like minded attitude. I used the time I had ,because I was now working from home, to read and gain knowledge about what options I now had and how I was going to use these options for a better, more productive life.

Before the heart attack I now realize that I was only using part of my personal potential. I felt more confident and positive once I allowed myself to open up my mind to the concept of a new way of thinking.

It is natural to slip back into the old patterns of thinking and acting but I work and live the teachings and philosophy of The New Think And Grow Rich each day. At first I felt awkward about the changes going on inside of me, but with each passing day I saw the benefits that putting out good, brings back more good. I have many daily examples of this . I saw these benefits because I was looking for them and I believe that I will get what I want when I have done the work or sown the seeds that need to be sown.

Some desires will take longer than others to manifest themselves. It is not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, events happen in their own time when you have followed the necessary steps required.

I have been saved by the opportunities I now recognize and the effort I am willing to put forth. This is why I can honestly say that The New Think And Grow Rich saved me after a heart attack.

I got inspired and took action on my desire to do and be more.

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Lorraine Roach is a MasterMind Consultant studying 'The NEW Think and Grow Rich' directly from the author. To claim your FREE access and learn how you too can earn thousands of dollars giving away FREE Think And Grow Rich MasterMinds, visit today!