You can do all of those small chores and be finished in no time at all, instead of counting days to get a job done. Stop saying that you don't have any time to get your work done, now you can count how many TV shows it will take, for you to reach your goal!

How many times have you said, "I don't have time to get all of the 'little' jobs done around the house?" Just think of all of the things that you can do, while watching your favorite TV show! You can have all of the little chores finished in a show or two instead of a week or two.

Once we are in control of the small things in life and start using our time wisely, we wonder why we never thought of it before. Cleaning and organizing is a habit that we form and somehow we get off track. So, use those small amounts of time to your benefit and you will get loads of extra time to enjoy life.

Sewing hems and small rips in clothing.
There are some things that just hold up better, when they are sewn by hand, but who has the time? You do! It will only take one-half hour show to get it done!

Clip grocery store coupons and put in your coupon organizer.
Now is the time to clip those coupons and get ready for your next trip to the grocery store. Just clip the coupons, add them to your coupon organizer and put your organizer in your purse or glove compartment so it will be handy when you need it.

Clean out and organize all of those dresser drawers, one at a time, of course!
This is a small chore, which only takes a few minutes to do and not a lot of concentration. Throw out what you do not use or is too small, organize what is left and make a note to purchase whatever you may need to add. This way you can wait for the sales and save money at the same time.

Organize your DVDs (this can be done to your CD's too).
You can organize them alphabetically, according to categories (mystery, sci-fi, horror etc), or according to the star of the film.

Dust or clean the room while watching your show.
True, you may not want to do this when someone is sitting in the room with you, but you can do this when cleaning alone. Turn on the TV while you are cleaning and it will go much faster. See what you can accomplish, in one TV show.

Water the plants and pull off dead leaves etc.
It does not take long, absolutely 'no' concentration involved and your plants will look healthier. The good things is-it takes less time than the length of one TV show.

Rub oil or lotion on your dry skin.
We never have time to add the oil to our bodies, that the cold winter winds dry up and wilt our skin. The best time is while you are watching TV. Just dab a little on your hand, pick and spot and start gently rubbing it into your skin and pores.

Cut out magazine articles you want to keep
There isn't any reason to keep stacks and stacks of magazines and move them from one place to the next. Get a scrapbook for photo album and put your articles in here. You can categorize them and add labels so they are easy to find at a moments notice.

Watching TV can still be relaxing, especially when you see how many things you have checked off your to-do list.

Time Management in the home is what will afford you to have the time for the things that you really wish you could be doing in life. Put the amount of time that you have to good use and your life will also be less stressful and you will always be one step ahead of the clutter control freak taking over your lives.

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