The kids are getting out of school for another summer break and it will take about two weeks and they will be bored and saying, "There isn't anything to do" and that is when the 'fun' begins. Mom's and Dad's across the country start to pull their hair out and which that school was a year round event.

This is going to happen all across the nation and parents will go into 'stress mode' and start thinking of things for their child to do. The child will look at them as if they have lost their minds and the cycle will start again and again. So why not plan ahead and be ready for the 'boredom cycle' that we all know is coming?

Think about things that have happened throughout the year. Remember all of the times that you said, 'as soon as the weather gets nice we are going to—'. We have all said that a dozens time, now we have to put on our thinking caps and recall some of those great thoughts that we had.

Just to give you a few ideas that my grandkids came up with (grandmas mind to too feeble to remember more than the past two weeks) that we said that we would do, we have made a list to help you along.

1. Set up the tent in the backyard and camp out for the weekend.
2. Bake cookies and then take them to someone from the church that does not have grandkids.
3. Make a garden filled with fruit that we all love to eat.
4. Paint all of the lawn furniture a different color.
5. Make birdfeeders for in grandma's trees.
6. Go fishing.
7. Play crochet.
8. Go to the zoo.
9. Have a picnic and invite the neighbors.
10. Have a scavenger hunt.

We have decided that this year, we are going to do all of the things that we think of in the middle of winter, when it is too cold to be able to do them. Our list is now three pages long and counting. How many fun things can you and your family put on your list?

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Jan Hayner is a Professional organizer that has tips and hints for parents, kids, senior citizens, men and women, on organizing, cleaning and doing the fun things in life. Get her free checklists at