The research and scientific professions are abuzz with stirring new developments regarding a new system to capture Hot Flash thermal energy from menopausal adult females. Testing and research has suggested adult females will one day be equipped with an accessory currently referred to as a COEGR (Cyclical Organic Electricity Grid Refueler) that can extract the thermal energy during a Hot Flash and store the energy to be used on battery-operated devices, or be transferred as electrical thermal energy into the power grid which can then be sold to the electric companies.

This thermal energy system has the likelihood to be known as one of the most important Green Feats in history.

The scientific community is busily researching the possibility of catching thermal energy developed by the natural percolation of adult females in menopause into a potential inexhaustible energy source. Is it any wonder that it would be the ladies who eventually step up to the plate and save us all? Since they're going to inherit it anyways, they may as well fix it in the meantime. Our population mass of females in this demographic reveal that there is no better time for a thermal energy initiative like this. The current collective mass of Hot Flash power index shall and will be harnessed to satisfy our thermal energy requirements. Personal thermal energy could well become the Mother Of All Green Feats .

The mastering of this green thermal energy reservoir could tip the scale of power on a global basis, on a level that we have never seen before. The proof that the female species have all the power will be even more apparent, plus they'll also BE the power, and guarantee control of us all to the rightful caregivers of the planet - Womankind. The increase in the value to society of women in their 40's to all of us, will grow to a staggering level and allow them to assume the mantle of being in control of the planet once and for all.

Fast forward to the future, electronic's-addicted men and kids will cherish the presence of the Hot Flash woman for the gift of their "environmentally friendly" thermal energy. The "radiance" of a woman's hot flash during menopause will change from the panic it infuses in some men currently, to one of respect as we will be at peace with, the fact that she is not only the giver of Life to all, she is also the generator of Power for our beloved family and also to his cherished "Crackberry".

Envision a time when you can just plug a PDA into a COEGR thermal energy collector and charge the batteries! The Woman in menopause will easily become the most fashionable and in demand people around,(though they already are...) Power hungry individuals will seek them at the mall, as they assume their rightful place in society as the all-important providers of life AND thermal power to a power starved society! Department Stores could run the lighting for their entire facility by the thermal energy of their female buyers! Of course, substantial rebates would most certainly apply to supplying the thermal energy.

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