Are you among those who are Henny Pennying? Remember? Henny Penny, the ditsychicken who ran around the farmyard hollering, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” in the story we heard as little kids.

To many of you, especially during the last few weeks of record setting market trends, currency values and outright panic, it would outwardly appear as if Henny Penny were right on the ‘money’ (groan, sorry for that pun). But she is still wrong, the sky is not falling.

Now, in light of all the news with which we are bombarded seemingly every moment of every day, you may be thinking ‘Has Lynn recently had a lobotomy? The whole world is in a real mess here, nothing like this has every happened before, how can she possibly be telling us the sky is not falling?’

In the words of Rev. Michael Beckwith, whom you will recall as one of the renowned teachers on “The Secret” DVD, what we are experiencing is a BIRTHquake. The intent of this birthquake is not to destroy, but to open us up to a new consciousness.
How’s the world working for us recently? War, terror, cynicism, greed, power struggles, kill or “be killed, my way or the highway, rampant diseases, environmental disasters, me first, etc. Not too well, right?

Hasn’t it always been human nature to skate along, living an insular life, not even realizing that we are on thin ice until we hear the crack? Yes, there are those who try to warn us, try to steer us to a place of safety and thus more enjoyment of life, but we choose denial.

No doubt about it, we have heard the crack. The Universe has our attention. What next?

Those of you who have felt you have been racing through life on a stationery bike set at 100 MPH and yet not getting anywhere these past couple of decades will be happy to hear that the natural state of the human being is to live in a state of grace and bliss. Not a state of striving, doing, doing, doing, and racing toward our goals. In a way, it is the end of the world…..the end of a world that isn’t working anymore.

A shift is happening. The challenges we are faced with are actually gifts. And if you adopt the right perspective, just turn that kaleidoscope knob a fraction of an inch for a totally new picture, you will recognize those gifts. Be aware, not fearful. Anything based on fear is not the truth. The truth is in Universal principles.

So just what are these gifts I’m talking about? Well, some will be general but most will be individual, geared to where an individual puts their energy. Shift your energy to one of an abundance mentality not one of lack. What you focus on expands, that’s one Universal principle.

Another is the Law of Rhythm. Everything is cyclical, like the seasons. Everything is up and down, in and out, coming and going. Going through cycles. We are going through a correction cycle and when something is going down, something else is going up.

The greatest gift is awareness. When you realize that something greater than yourself is at work here and you open up the scope of your ‘vision’ to be able to recognize what it is placing in your pathway you will have many Ah-Ha moments.

The following are action steps you can take to staying out of fear:

1. Do not watch newscasts. CNN is short for Constantly Negative News. News is a for-profit-business, always feeding you something that is out of your control making you feel powerless, and thus dependent on them. Focus only on what you can control and that is your state of mind (mindset) and your connection with spirit (soulset).

2. Be in a place of gratitude all the time. This changes the focus of your pain/fear. Your perception changes and your world expands and fills with light. Simple but mighty! Try it, just start that list of things you have to be grateful for. You’ll be amazed at how many more you will think of as you begin to write.

3. Be aware. Particularly that there is something other than the problem. Remember the Law of Rhythm.

4. Make decisions. You have control over your world. Change starts from inside not outside, so don’t wait for the outside to change first. As an example, Edison invented the light bulb before there was any wiring to carry electricity to it. Not the other way around. Make a light bulb and wiring will follow. “If you build it, they will come”.

5. Trust. You breathe trusting that the oxygen will be there. You never even entertain a thought that it won’t. Adopt that same trust in the Universal principles. You are a part of that same providing Source.

Trust that this is a time of exciting change on this planet, that a Source greater than us is at work, that a much needed correction is evolving and you and every human on this planet is here at this time to participate in this wondrous evolution!

© Clear Goals Coaching, Lynn Moore 2008

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Lynn Moore is a Life Clarity Coach whose specialized niche is helping the Family Woman in Business to set and achieve her goals successfully. Lynn has a unique ability to see the bottom line and see it quickly helping you find your hidden solutions. She is an encouraging, straight talking coach, full of heart and humour with only the best outcome in mind for her clients. Lynn can be reached at and you can visit her web site at