How-To with Massage Stones:

1) Clean the stones with disinfectant before every use. We at recommend a product called Odoban for professional use.

2) Put stones in a crockpot on low with water and the lid off, for at least 30 minutes before using. (This is one method and you may find other variations more comfortable for you when doing massages.

3) The temperature of the stones should never exceed 125 degrees F. Generally if you can handle them comfortably then they are okay to use. Always ask if the temperature is OK. Also check the stones periodically to make sure nothing is getting burned.

4) First diaper drape both legs with a sheet. Make sure the subject is face down and place (1) stone on the upper left leg, (1) middle of hamstrings, (1) on the back of the knee, and also a small stone on the center of the calf. (Just do this to one leg for now)

5) Perform any regular massage techniques on the right leg and then use one of the largest stones to glide up the muscles of the leg toward the heart. Then place stones on right leg and remove the stones from the left leg and perform massage and gliding with a large stone. When finished remove all of the stones and cover the legs. Then drape for the lower back and make a small pile of hot stones on the lower back to warm the muscles while working on the left leg.

6) Then drape for glute work on the buttocks and follow with some massage strokes with a hot stone. The hot stones feel great when applied to both sides of the sacrum. Next cover the buttocks.

7) Drape for working on the back. Place stones on and around the shoulders and traps and (1) on the back of the neck. Remove stones from lower back and perform massage and follow with stone gliding. Each stone has a unique feel and can be used as a massage tool.

8) Remove stones from upper back and neck and perform massage following with stone gliding movements. Then cover the subject and pin one side of the sheet with your body and hold the other side up while the subject turns over face up.

9) Drape for both legs and place stones on the upper, mid, and low thigh of both legs. Place the small or thin stones between the toes of both feet. Let the muscles warm and go to the arms.

10) It is difficult to place stones on the arms so just do regular massage on them and follow with some stone gliding. When finished with the armsplace stones on pectoral muscles and lay a towel across them to help keep them from falling off.

11) Remove stones from left leg and do massage and then remove stones from toes on left foot. Massage foot and follow up with stone gliding on entire leg and bottom of foot. Cover left leg and repeat method on right leg.

12) If you do abdominal massage you may want to use the stones for gliding. Remember all abdominal work needs to be done in a clockwise manner as to go with the intestinal tract.

13) Remove stones from pectoral muscles and perform massage followed with stone gliding. (You can also place a stone on the forehead while doing the pectoral muscles) Then use a stone for neck work.

14) Finish your massage with the scalp and face. doesn't recommend using hot stones on the face or scalp since it can be a sensitive area.

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