Do you ever feel that way? You just work and struggle and fight, yet.. it only gets worse.

What are you struggling with right now?

Let’s list a few of human beings favorite things to struggle with:

Peace of mind

This list doesn’t cover everything but it covers the main things we tend to work really hard trying to overcome in our lives. We are just bogged down in the mentality of having to make things really, really hard in order to deserve them.

Where does this crazy notion come from? Why would anyone want to have to fight and struggle to be in a state of happiness, joy, bliss?

It’s because we are brainwashed by crazy thinking. Someone took a turn in their lives and didn’t like the outcome. They didn’t understand how the law of attraction worked so rather than changing directions they continued to focus on how hard life was, how unlucky they were or decided that it was just genetic. From the place of misunderstanding they passed these ideas on to family and friends. Children learn about life from parents and grandparents who teach them only what they know and what’s true for them.

The problem with this is that just because something is said to be true only means it’s true for those who believe it to be that way. You don’t have to accept this as truth. You can declare something else as true if and when you want to.

In coaching others I hear often about weight, health, relationship,money issues that people are struggling so danged hard with and all that’s happening it that it’s getting worse.

Perhaps you are struggling with weight. You’ve dieted, exercised, taken pills.. still the body holds on to more weight than you want.

Many go from one relationship just like the last one, over and over until they feel dizzy.

You might be trying everything under the sun that you can think of to get your finances under control yet are always broke.

What’s going on here? Why is it so hard?
The simple answer is you are what’s going on in your own life creation. Your thoughts, passions, dreads, fears, focus on what is wrong to the extent that that is all you can attract is what’s going on.

You must stop struggling. Just let go. For a moment sit still and take a deep breath. Take in all the air you can hold. Hold it for a few seconds then let it escape in a big whooshing sound. Wow, that feels great. That’s the feeling of letting go and moving with the flow of life.

As long as you are holding your breath, struggling and fighting while feeling unworthy and unlucky you will continue to be just as uncomfortable as if you were holding your breath for a long time.

It’s time you let go and stopped the struggle of your life. Be aware of when you are fighting and struggling, you’ll know by how you feel.

Do the holding your breath exercise a few times a day to remind you to let go and let it be easy.

You are the key to everything in your life. Get clear, stay clear, be happy.. it’s your choice.

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Donna is a spiritual life coach, teacher, author and spiritual healer. Her passion is helping others discover and live their personal power to create. For more information on Donna and her work visit