My life changed forever : It was a cold Friday night in August 2006 and I could not seem to get warm all night long.

I kept putting on layer after layer of clothes to stop the shivering and chill. Nothing was working to get me warm. It did not help that I was way back in the bush with no hydro or water or phone .

My husband said he could light the wood stove but "who lights a stove in the middle of August". I remember the weather report on the radio said it was going to be 11 degrees that night.

This was to be the weekend our family was coming to visit us at the cabin we had fixed up back in the woods.

All that Friday my husband and I worked around the property and the cabin to make sure all was looking clean and homey for the family. We had bought a lot of groceries and all the "treats " so we would all have fun.

As you can tell we were not anticipating The Worst Panic Attack Yet!

I have to admit I was stressed out about getting everything in order and there was a lot of physical work involved.

I felt I was up to the task as I had lost 66 lbs. and was about to join a new health club. I have arthritis and some other health issues like depression,but I told myself that I had everything under control and everyone said I looked great.

So with great positive feedback from all my family and friends I definitely was not even in the zone of thinking about The Worst Panic Attack Yet!

A few set backs with the families arrival and some canceled plans at least for Friday evening left us going to bed early.

It was already getting cold at 10:00 PM so it was a good idea to get under the covers.

Well it all was in motion by this point as I look back on The Worst Panic Attack Yet!

During the night with the cold temperatures and the stress along with the "silent"internal events taking place I did not realize a life changing event was about to occur.

By 5:00 AM Sat August 12 2006 I was seconds away from feeling the first tightness around my chest and going into the denial phase as I'm told women often do during a heart attack.

I was sure it must have been a pulled muscle from over doing it the day before.

My husband was still asleep and I did not want to wake him up with this "little nothing serious".

Here I was having a heart attack and I'm thinking of others as usual. Thinking of anything else was better that was for sure.

I have to say panic was setting in.

Now as with any good story I must build the suspense and have another article about my ordeal into "Panicville" tomorrow.

I will tell you how I felt,what happened on the way to the hospital and the ambulance ride.

Let me say I know there are some of you who will be reading this will be able to identify with The Worst Panic Attack Yet!

As I have said,"till tomorrow everyone"

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"For 40 years, 7 months, 4 days and 3.9 hours I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks - especially after my heart attack on August 12th, 5:00am EST 2006. As a result of my suffering, I decided I would go on a crusade to reveal the most powerful, most effective and most successful system for living an Anxiety and Panic Free Life." - Lorraine Roach, Founder www.anxietyended.comVisit: to discover what 99.2% of ALL anxiety and panic sufferers do wrong, and how to make sure YOU avoid it.