You can't avoid it. Every time you turn on the television there seems to be something negative blaring from a news channel. There is a constant scroll at the bottom of the screen telling you all the news of the world. Why do they need two negative stories going at once; one on the screen and one on the scroll below? And how do you handle hearing and seeing all the negative goings on in the world and still practice the Law of Attraction without a heavy heart?

In the Law of Attraction, we are taught to shift our perception to what we want to see instead of what we see with our own two eyes. Others, who don't understand this, believe we are just ignoring the world's problems. They believe we should face exactly what we see and stop hiding behind the Law of Attraction veil.

What they don't understand is we are not hiding. We are changing our perceptions to actually better the world through our eyes. Do we ignore the wars and the fighting? Do we ignore the hunger in the world and the poverty?

We don't ignore them; we change our perception of them and work toward the goal that we want to see. Instead of going to anti war rallies, we go to peace rallies. Do you see the difference? Help with all the causes but make sure that you go to the one that has and feels that it has positive results. You can tell the difference between anti war and peace, can't you?

Instead of concentrating on the world's problems, concentrate on the world's solutions. There is a big difference between the two. When you concentrate on the lack of a situation, lack of food, lack of money, lack of peace, you are creating more of that in your world, and the world-at-large. You are one part of an All so you do affect the situations of the world. But if you concentrate on the solutions, teaching others how to grow food, teaching others the skills to work, working for peace, you are passing up the problem and creating a solve.

There are two ways to concentrate on a situation. Take your perception and come from the positive standpoint. The Universe doesn't pick what is right or wrong, the Universe just attracts to you what you are thinking and feeling.

If you are thinking on a situation of lack, such as how people are going hungry every day, and it upsets you and you think about how bad it must be for those people, then you are creating a huge emotion that is going to come to you through another, similar situation from the Universe. The Universe just picks up on your feeling and the image you have at the time and gives it back to you in a different form, sometimes in the same form, no right or wrong in it. But I prefer to have the positive coming back to me.

Now let's take the same situation. Yes, you are aware that people are going hungry but what can you do about it? You can go help out at the soup kitchen, you can donate food or money to the causes for the hungry, do something that has a solution and leaves you with wonderful feelings and thoughts. The Universe will give that back to you, and to the world, just like you did.

There are more good hearted human beings than bad. Concentrate on these people of the world. The less we pay attention to the human beings who are creating angry and frustrating worlds for themselves, the less likely they will encroach upon our lives. Concentrate on the solutions of the problems of the world and you will soon see how the 'bad' seems to start to fade and this world gets better and better.

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