Obesity is one of the major problems in the society these days. Sedentary lifestyle is the biggest factor that contributes to the growing number of obese people. Why so? Well, many individuals tend to exercise less and eat more. There are more people who prefer to stay indoors watching TV, relaxing and inclined to relax and lazy life. Also, out of busy lifestyle, many prefer to eat in fast food chains than eating healthy home cooked food.

Gone are the days when family members bond during eating time. As the basic unit of the society, the family is now being challenged—how to sustain healthy living. Remember, two great contributors in the rising numbers of obese individuals are their sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

Unfortunately, with the increasing numbers of both parents holding secular jobs, children are left with their nannies (for the youngsters), others just being alone (teenagers and young adults). Without the support and personal care of the parents, many children opt to eat unhealthy foods, especially that of the easy-cooked-ready-to-eat food.

If most of your family members eat a lot of unhealthy food and you want to be different, create realistic sets of goals to make your healthy living quest possible. It’s true, it’s not that easy to be different and to divert from the common practice within your family. Just imagine battling against an army, and you’re the only one not adhering to the common practice.

Oath to Save life to Personal Success

All success stories start with self-realization of their potentials. Do you believe that? I do. At the start, it may be really difficult for you to sustain this challenge of diverting your family’s lifestyle toward healthy living. This is more difficult if you are the youngest member of the family and you appear to be alone in your quest. Take heart. Remember that patience is a virtue. The sooner you realized your capabilities to lead the whole family to start living healthy, the sooner you’ll get to save a life or two or the whole family, including your friends.

Changes can’t happen overnight, no, that’s not possible. What you need to do as a winner is to direct your thoughts on a gradual plan. Why not start with something that is short-time bound goals?

1. Cut 25% of carbohydrates the first week and 50% the next week
2. Increase fiber intake once a day ie cereals, oats, fruits
3. Increase water intake to more than 8 glass a day
4. Cut the amount of food by 25% but make sure to eat small amount of food every 2-3 hours
5. Propose for a weekly diet menu
6. Involve family members in the plan starting immediately

These are just simple goals you can list to your family diet plan. But before you proceed with the actual plan, you will need to commit yourself to achieve your goals gradually. Commitment is the key to this family program. Again, to sustain your quest to healthy living, make sure your family members support you as well. Involve them dearly during the implementations of your goals. Let them understand that you’re doing this to sustain your good life and promote healthy living. Work on your personal development and save lives now!

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Dominic Tay is a passionate personal development practitioner and the owner of the 'Self-Help for Work-At-Home Business Entrepreneurs' blog. In there, you'll learn more on how you can master your mind through personal mastery, break through your current mental limits, and adopt the Winner's mindset to win big in any area of your life, as well as your home business.