The way we think regarding our abilities, our business, our job,
and our wealth is nothing more than a habit -- a habitual way
of thinking, our programming.

This programming is buried deep within our unconscious mind,
and it drives our behavior on a daily basis.

We were born with a wealth mindset - we were born already
programmed to be abundant. But as we grew up we were told
differently and we 'learned' that wealth is hard to obtain.
Lucky for us, we are able to reprogram the wealth mindset
back into our minds.

First we must decide to be wealthy.

Wealth is a subconscious conviction.

Sure we can become wealthy working ourselves to the bone
but who wants to be the wealthiest man in the graveyard?

When we decide to BE wealthy (BE wealthy, not become wealthy)
we enlist our subconscious minds to create that as our reality.

If we want wealth, we must become mentally wealthy first.

We must eliminate limiting thoughts and beliefs.

The one thing that can counter our ability to become abundant
is a limiting thought. Limiting thoughts are the feelings and
beliefs we have about ourselves deep down.

Our conscious and subconscious minds must agree on the desired
outcome in order to create it. When we are not experiencing
abundance we can be sure that our dominant belief is lack. The
only thing that is blocking our true abundance is our minds.

How do you reprogram your subconscious mind?

Most people try to 'undo' old habits and beliefs instead of
replacing them with new ones. It is when we replace them that
they go away... trying to undo them only keeps them active and

We are all human and we all have thoughts about lack and
scarcity. All we need to do when these thoughts enter our mind
is to appreciate them for what they are - just thoughts - and
realise that they are nothing more than a reminder of what we
don't want.

This gives us a place to start exploring what we do want.
Negative thoughts are just like street signs - when they
show up they are directing and showing us which way we
should go. A thought of lack is the street sign that tells
us that we are going the wrong way and to do a course
correction in our thinking.

When we begin to choose new beliefs about abundance often
our mind will refuse to accept the possibility and will
try to tell us things like: It's not possible. You know
you can't do that. It will never happen. You're just not
capable of doing that. Who are you kidding?

We must constantly focus on having abundance and regularly
affirm that we are abundant, especially when that little
voice in our heads is trying to talk.

If we want wealth then we must focus on wealth.

Repeating 'wealth' over and over again will begin to
change our inner belief of lack. Constant repetition
will begin to flood the mind with a new thought - and
thoughts become beliefs when they are focused on long

Author's Bio: 

Karen Walker is an internationally recognized speaker, author,
mentor and coach, specializing in the teaching how the Law Of
Attraction (LOA) co-creates with the subconscious mind. For
more information visit: Activate Abundance