Recently I had a client who had been a runner - a 400m runner.

He decided to do marathons??????

The training changed, his mindset changed and he aparted really well
to the different type of training and the endurance level he was
having to switch to.

The distances increases gradually and he cycled his training and
included sprint phases on a cyclic basis until he was ready for his
first marathon.

We had had a few bumps along the way with self beleif issues but we
gfot all that sorted out.

One thing he had never considered was THE WALL

He had never considered it because he had never had it. He wasnt
talking with other distance runners and was only dealing with his

The night before the marathon he phoned me.

"what about the wall??" he said. Ah, this means he has been talking
to someone and they have told him about it.

"What wall?" I asked

"the wall they say I will hit at about 20k"

"Do you want to borrow someones wall? Who's wall would you like to
have?? Why would you build a wall when you never had one?"

"Oh, I see. So - if I never had one before and I have done the
distance, why would I have one now. Thats a point" he said.

I finished off "so, you see if you never knew what Christmas was,
never seen it, never heard of it, then you wouldnt expect it".

If you beleive there will be a barrier then you will have one.

Some are there for sure and we have to work around them but if we
havnt experienced it then why create it?

Author's Bio: 

Emma James, World Champion powerlifter, NLP Trainer and mental coaching specialist.