Finding Soul Purpose Through the Seven Rays
With some of the disturbing events going on around the world, many people are asking “what am I doing on planet earth?” One perspective on this age old question is that it is time to step up into greater responsibility in providing our spiritual service.
A method to better understand spiritual purpose, called the Seven Rays, comes to us through the ancient mystery schools. Knowing your personal rays helps you to more fully activate the speed button for your spiritual path.
A ray is simply a frequency of vibration. If you were to call Oneness, white light; and you wanted to create a planet, person, or a metaphysical journal, you would need to step down this Oneness by providing the illusion of duality (yin-yang, positive-negative, etc.) The ancient mystery school teaches that you would filter the white light through some kind of a cosmic prism. Like a rainbow, seven different frequencies of vibration come out the other side.
Each person incarnates with a soul and personality ray. Triads are zodiac signs associated with each ray. Look for your Sun and Rising Signs to get a hint about your personal rays. Although there are specific methods used by esoteric astrologers to help you understand your rays, the following will help you understand the basic interpretations of the rays (and you can go to for more details)
Ray One: The Will of God.
Triad: Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. This is the inner battle to create Oneness within yourself. You learn self-confidence, the ability to pioneer new paths, and to develop personal power that is aligned with the Highest Source. A negative trait could be misuse of power. This ray is associated with the constellation of the Great Bear. El Morya is considered to be the Chohan of the First Ray, with Lord Michael as the archangel.
Ray Two: The Love of God. The Love of Wisdom.
Triad: Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. The second ray represents the creative energies. You learn unconditional love and help people to heal by enfolding them in the One Source of all that is. Jesus and Buddha are thought to have incarnated on this ray, and many believe it is the energy that must be used to exit the wheel of continuing incarnations. A positive use would be to release the suffering of humanity. Lanto is considered to be the Chohan and Jophiel the archangel of this ray. It is associated with the star Sirius.

Ray Three: Active Intelligence. Abstract Wisdom.
Triad: Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. People with a strong third ray influence are like translators. They translate abstract and philosophical concepts into terms that can be understood by all. These are the philosophers, astrologers, and communicators. They can become intellectually isolated if they become overly focused on the third ray. Paul the Venetian is thought to be the Chohan with Chamuel as the archangel. The Third Ray is associated with the Pleiades constellation.
Ray Four: Harmony through Conflict.
Triad: Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. They often have artistic talents and bring beauty to the world. Fourth ray people often experience difficulties in the first half of their life. This is to teach them to find their inner source of truth and harmony. As they find their way more quickly back to center, they often become counselors for others who recognize their sense of inner peace. Negatively, they can get lost in melodrama and mood swings. The Chohan is thought to be Serapis Bey with Gabriel as the archangel.
Ray Five: Concrete Knowledge and Science.
Triad: Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. A fifth ray person does not have to be a scientist. They are the people who use a systematic process to bring metaphysical truth into concrete reality. They help people to utilize these higher forms of energies. Positively, they help merge the higher and lower mind. The Fifth Ray Chohan is Hilarion with Raphael as the archangel.
Ray Six: Devotion and Idealism.
Triad: Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Sixth ray people focus on a goal, allowing nothing to get in the way of achieving that goal. This ray is considered to be the ray of Christianity, and the outgoing ray energy on planet earth. Many of these people are “sinner turned saint.” They overcome lower orders of the physical to express the highest ideals.. A number of years ago, charismatic Jim Jones killed many of his followers in order to take them to the Promised Land. Positively, Martin Luther King helped people see beyond the limitations of prejudice in order to achieve higher ideals. Nada is thought to be the Chohan of this ray along with archangel Uriel.
Ray Seven: The initiation of a new order. Ceremonial magic.
Triad: Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. It is generally agreed upon that this is the incoming ray of the New Age on planet earth. The energies of transmutation and the Violet Flame are intrinsically tied to this ray. The seventh ray changes lower frequencies of energy into higher frequencies. They must accept responsibility to share with those whom their destiny is entwined. Negatively, they can abuse power for personal gain. Positively, they become the master metaphysician helping planet earth to evolve into its highest frequency of vibration. Most people agree that Saint Germaine is the Chohan and Zadkiel is the archangel of the seventh ray.

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Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations since 1980. His interest in metaphysical topics such as the Violet Flame and work with the Ascended Masters has been included in workshops. Details on the Violet Flame and photos of the Ascended Masters are at