How many of you have felt that you have failed many times at what you set out to do? How many compare your success with others? How many base the criteria of success on someone else’s standard, your bank account, or the types of relationships in your life? In other words, your success is measured by the outside not from the inside.

The Law of Success is truly about you and the integration of your True Self (or one could say Higher Self) and the God Force of the Universe. It is the ability to create from an energy of synthesizing simplicity and synchronicity which brings Love – Living Only Vibrant Energy. The simplicity is that of, less is more, because you allow Spirit to work through you. You don’t have to work hard for the money so to speak; it’s not about effort but that of flow. The flow is manifested through the synchronicity aspect which lines up energies within the Universe to physically accomplish something you have intended and put your focus upon.

Many look at success from a different perspective. Success is evaluated by sets of criteria i.e. what goals have you attained, how the results look, how much money you earn or have, how many awards you’ve obtained, etc. In doing so, the opposite of success is failure and there is survival and limitation energy attached to it. This energy is dense and foreboding as well as depressive and full of fearful energies like guilt, anger, resentment, should haves, separation, blame, victim, and so on. Many feel they have failed based on the goals and expectations of themselves and/or others.

However, from the perspective of this Universal Law, the opposite of success is not yet. Can you feel the difference in this energy? It is a continuation of looking at what are the next steps, Divine timing, and order, what possibly needs to be realigned, what more is being created in the etheric but not yet present in the physical. It has a moving forward and thriving energy and an understanding, belief, and faith that all is in perfection. It offers congratulations to your Self for accomplishments along the way.

Success is Self Unifying through Conscious Choice to Energize Simplicity and Synchronicity in one’s life! It is about you consciously co-creating through the connection you have within your Self and with the Universe. It is not about creating or living in the past or from the box of the ‘old’ you. The true meaning of insanity is doing the same thing, the same way and expecting the result to be different.

Thus the Law of Vibration comes into play. As we know, everything is energy and it has a vibration that is always moving, it never rests. A vibration is composed of frequency and there are higher, lower frequencies. The words higher, lower and good, bad are used here to represent the qualities of the words, not as a judgment or a better than, less than value. Higher and good means less dense, a more rapid pace. For example, love has a vibration of expansiveness, freedom and the frequency is faster, while fear is a denser vibration of constriction, bondage and the frequency is slower.

The Law centers on what are your underlying motivations for what you do and create. If your intentions and desires are centered around love and sent out for good and service, then the vibration has a higher frequency and it magnetizes back to the origin (you), gifts of higher frequencies. If there are selfish reasons or underlying fears which are fueling your motivations (consciously or unconsciously), then the forces drawn back to you are vibrations are decreased in frequency levels and move into lower frequencies within your Self and your manifestations.

You can realize this if you are energized and inspired by something you’re doing or those that surround you within all aspects of your life. If not, then what is out of integrity and alignment within your bodies of consciousness? This does not mean you have to purge everything or everyone; it might just be redefining and refining your desires or cleaning up the past since you are no longer the person you once were and motivating factors have changed. This is part of the co-creative process and life’s journey. Remember, nothing stays the same and vibrationally we are always moving. And it is a forward movement, you can’t go back except to resolve and heal what no longer is or serves.

As you may have noticed, there has been a symbol published with each article. These are Universal Energy Forms composed of patterns of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry bridges science and spirituality by bringing nature and spirit together in all life forms. These are ever fluid and changing energies as they incorporate the geometry of original Creation (pure nature form) and spiritual consciousness. They activate human consciousness to a deeper sense of connection, understanding, Divine Truth, and co-creation.

This month’s Spiral Energy Form offers you an opportunity to let go of the past and your preconceived notions of success. You do so by utilizing it as a tool to release what no longer serves you or what you desire to complete within you and with others. By working and meditating with it, you will observe or feel it as multidimensional, assisting on many levels and within all bodies of consciousness … physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This Energy Form assists you in spiraling out the energies, patterns, and belief systems that are ready to be released by your intention of healing (including all that is conscious or unconscious). It will transmute the energy back to your original Divine Blueprint and re-pattern your cellular memory. It can also spiral back to you the energies of alignment with your True Self, intentions, desires, and Divine Will. With the use of the infinity breath, there can be dynamic shifts, assimilation, and integration of the healings, new belief systems, intentions, and creations.

This comes to you with a warning label . . . Attention! If you are attached to the past or want to control the result then do not use the Spiral! It will bring to you that which are in your highest order and assist you in fulfilling your Divine plan. It’s your conscious choice to realign with the True meaning of success!

Author's Bio: 

Amanda Butler is a Consciousness Navigator who inspires, guides, educates, and supports individuals and groups in their exploration and discovery of their Diamond essence, their desires, and their True purpose. As a teacher and healing catalyst, Amanda Butler is President of Keenawah & Associates and Founder of Stellar-Gaia Alliances ( Her mission is to spread the consciousness and vibration of love to others through healing the past, enlivening the spirit, and empowering the True Self. Her Diamond Life™ Services which include: Energetic Healing Sessions (energetic re-patterning and re-balancing processes) and Conscious Choice Coaching; in-person or via phone.