In evaluating natural approaches to curing Hepatitis C, it is important to set aside the magical-thinking about disease and its treatment that is promoted by the pharmaceutical industry and its agents in health care. Natural doctors have been curing Hepatitis C long before the HCV virus was isolated in 1989. That’s when “Hepatitis C” became an official “disease” and thereby part of the pharmaceutical industry’s franchise.

At the core of conventional medicine’s magical-thinking about disease is the dangerous idea that “you can behave badly and live well”. This is part of the idea that there are such things are “miracle drugs”. All you have to do is take them! What could be better? No need to take responsibility for anything else –all you have to do is keep raising the money to pay for the drugs (which, by the way, include an enormous profit margin that is justified by the need to keep on searching for new “miracle drugs”).

So when an effective natural approach to curing Hepatitis C (or any other disease) is brought forward, the magical thinking can easily come in to play – “great, all I need is this silver bullet, and I’ll be fine”.

As a natural doctor for 37 years who has specialized in helping people recover their health from life-threatening and often so-called “terminal” illnesses, I can tell you that this silver-bullet strategy is unlikely to work. It may make some money for people in the silver bullet business, but that’s about as far as the benefits go.

The fact is, it takes two steps using natural healing to cure a disease like Hepatitis C.

The first step is to address all of the conditions in the body that gave rise to the disease in the first place. Why do some people who are exposed to HCV developed chronic hepatitis, and some do not? What is it that causes the virus to thrive in some bodies, and not in others?

Step One is to convert the body into a state where the virus cannot thrive. In some cases, just doing this step is enough to get rid of Hepatitis C once and for all. But in many cases, a second step is required.

Step Two in curing Hepatitis C is the one that everyone concentrates on, but my point is that, until you take care of Step One, you are unlikely to get the results you want from Step Two. That’s been my experience time and again with patients who have come to me having first tried all kinds of ways to get well.

Step Two is the application of condition-specific approaches – doing things that help the body target and destroy the Hepatitis C virus. These are many effective Hepatitis C alternative therapies– herbal remedies, intravenous colloidal silver, ozone – you name it – they work well once conditions are set up properly for them to work. That’s what Step One is for. If Step One has not been done, they don’t work so well.

That’s why so-called “scientific” studies of natural healing are for the most part useless. They start at Step Two, and do not even attempt Step One. They do not come close to an evaluation of “holistic” natural medicine. This old fashioned science is based on the idea that there are isolated causes and effects for everything, so you can therefore test for just one isolated factor and ignore the rest of the environment in which that factor might be working. It’s important we do not fall into the same trap.

To truly restore your health, you need to stop doing things that cause illness, and start doing things that create health. Once you’ve done that, you’ve set up the opportunity for specific Hepatitis C alternative therapies to go to work. It’s a two-step approach.

IV Colloidal Silver, Ozone and Ultra-Violet Therapy, and specific herbal combinations can be highly effective, once the body is set up properly for them. We just need to move on from the idea that there are “miracles in bottles”. The real miracle is our nature. Give it a chance, and it will heal you.

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