If you’re like me, you’re interested in learning how to make money on-line. The problem is who to believe. My inbox is full of emails that claim, Make $13,500.00 per day with clickbank, become a Google millionaire, or make $356,000.00 in six months. Here is one I just got.

Here's what I mean...

1. Once you get this set up, you'll make money automatically 24/7, even while you're sleeping or having fun doing something else. You won't be chained to your computer slaving away.

2.Your checks show up automatically. You won't be waiting on anybody else who might "forget" to pay. You'll get paid on autopilot, just like clockwork.

3.It doesn't have to cost you a dime. There's no thinking about what to buy to "make this work". You can choose to spend some money on certain traffic generation approaches, but you don't have to.

3.Unlike most things, you can start immediately. This isn't a "slow-and-steady" system—it's a "fast and overwhelmingly profitable" avalanche rolling right into your bank account

Look at how great that sounds. The ad goes on to say he has charged as much as $1997.00 for his seminar, but now he is giving it to you for the low price of $27.00 That is quite a discount. By the way this system claims it made the site owner $549,784.82 on autopilot.

Now the reason that I get these are because I have looked into more than a few of these e-books. They always try to collect email addresses so they can send you junk in the future. One thing I have noticed is that a majority of these are from a handful of so-called Internet gurus. So I ask myself why are these people willing to show everyone how to make all this money for $97.00? After years of looking at these videos, e-books and websites I realize that it’s not what is contained in these e-books and the like, its what is not included. It’s almost like someone giving you a new car but no keys. You feel like wow I have this new car, but the reality is your never even going to sit in it much less drive it.

These gurus are masters of advertising. They know what buzz words to use to get you interested enough to keep reading. They know how to get you excited in the idea that you can make this work. They use just enough cynicism so you don’t have to inject your own. They show you screen shots of a clickbank account with thousands of dollars made daily. They even show you copies of checks received in the mail. Before you know it you just spend money to download the product. Now you’re excited and begin to work the system. But as you begin setting up the system, something just does not seem right. You notice something is missing. Your excitement turns to disappointment then anger. You realize you have been had. If it were really that easy to make that kind of money on-line, you probably would be doing it already or know someone personally who has.

Another thing that they do not tell you is that it takes time to make any real money on-line using any of their systems. Most of us don’t want to wait. We expect that if we have a website were going to start getting hits to the site right away. That usually never happens. The web is saturated with just about anything you can think of. Go to Google and do a search for something you think won’t be out there, you’ll be surprised at the results. In my experience the key to making money on-line is traffic. I don’t care how good the idea or site, with no traffic you got nothing.

Another reason a lot of these claims are not truthful is that after buying the product, they try to get you to purchase something else. Most e-books on how to make money are really big affiliate ads. Once downloaded a lot are filled with affiliate links. So the initial purchase usually gets you to click a link to buy or register for something else to in order to make what you just bought work.

There is almost always a technical aspect to making money on-line. Even with the most simple website. You will have to do something technical to either get it up and running or to keep it up and running. You might want to change the layout of your site or upload widgets images or find new ways to promote it. Most of these things require some technical knowledge. So your going to have to learn on your own how to get these things accomplished usually with the purchase of another e-book The web is always changing; you want to be able to change with it.

Instead of buying into these claims of riches I say figure out what you really like. A good way to start is figure out what it is you would do for free. Once you know what that is, start to do it if you’re not already. With some research you should be able to find a way to monetize it.

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