The web 2.0 era has ushered in a startlingly high level of web intractability over the internet. Where the web was previously used only a repository of information, with the advent of technology, improvements in bandwidth and use the extensive use of web services (which are now easy to design, implement and host for millions of users) have taken it to a level of almost human interactivity. Social media websites, information sharing and the use of chat, VOIP and webcasts have all played their part in the revolutionary evolution of the internet as a basic way of life.

Virtual malls, stores, social media sites and even virtual reality videogames put people in tough with those across the globe from the comfort of their own homes. The web is becoming more humanized and more dynamically-virtually inhabited every day, the e-global village, so to speak.

One of the features one comes across most often is the way that websites are personalizing the experience of their online traffic be providing a more human online experience. One such example is how websites are now using video introductions and information tags to talk to their online visitors rather than having them read the information from a text page. Another example, and one perhaps that holds the greatest potential of all, is direct online customer management using the simplest of old web technology, chat, in a new and innovative way.

Chat for Online Customer Management

The concept follows from the traditional shopkeeper scenario, except this time, the shop is virtual, and the shopkeeper (being as courteous, helpful and knowledgeable) is chatting with you and you won't have to travel to another place to get what you want.

This form of customer care opens up a lot of possibilities for web businesses. Now, rather than leaving visitors to find what they want on their own (or using phone or Email based customer care services), businesses can interact in real time, directly with their potential online customers.

Live chat staff can easily be trained to perform many B2C and B2B customer related business functions, some of which may be;

Live Chat for Customer support in order to provide instantaneous gratification in case of problems, queries and all customer related matters

Live Chat for Sales support, which may include after sales services

Generating sales or even selling directly, by encouraging customers to go for the best available deals

Directing web visitors and helping them brows complicated information sections or even product catalogues (anything from real estate to knitting needles) on the website

Make helpful suggestions and even present marketing content where customers are undecided

The future of using this chat technology is logically apparent. From text chat to voice chat to who knows what other kinds of interactivity can be made available from web platforms in the future. Imagine wanting to buy a new golf club and viewing a detailed hologram in your own living room while talking to a golf pro about how it could help you improve your swing, ordering online and having it appear on your doorstep, ready for the next morning's golfing session with your friends.

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Web is a chat based customer service and support service which provides websites with live web greeters (also called WebGreeter) who are available live, in real time, on websites. These live greeters greet visitors on a website to provide customer care and sales support.