The third area of the triangle of wealth that is important to develop a proper balance and understanding
of is relationships. Relationships could be with family such as a spouse, parents or children. Relationships
are not limited to these alone. Relationships are also friends and the people we surround ourselves with.
This also includes co-workers as well as people we associate with because of our occupation. Learning
how each of these relatinships are different and how they contribute to our over all wealth is important.

The first of the relationship realm is family. Each of these relationships are different, but can be labeled
under that catagory of family. Each child, or a good child, wants to help their parents and provide for them
in old age. Every good child wants to be able to help their parents when they reach the age of retirement. As
for being a parent, this also is a different relationship. Most parents would do anything for their children
including die if need be. There is no stronger force than the love of a parent. There is no sacrifice a parent
wouldn't make for a child, especially if it were a life and death situation for the child.

The third in the realm of family is a significant other. It is often said that behind every good man is a good
woman, and I believe the same is true that behind every good woman is a good man. It is very fulfilling to
have someone who helps you acquire and chase the dreams and goals you are after. Most people will do
more for the one they love than they will for themselves. Think about it. Are you not more driven when
you think about what you will be able to do for your spouse or the one you love. Are you not more inspired
to do great things if for nothing else than their affection for doing so. Every man is driven to provide for
their significant other and often feels at a loss when they cannot. Every woman wants to take care of
their spouse and make sure they are fed and taken care of, and often feels a loss when they cannot take
care of the family.

The second are of relationships involves our friends. For men and women the reason for friendship
is different, but necessary. A man feels empowered when he has a buddy by his side. A side kick
to help take on the world. Ask any soldier what the most important thing in combat is and they
will tell you that it is their battle buddy. The guy next to you that watches your back. For a woman,
friendships are about connection and it is how all of us learn to communicate and connect with other
people. Nothing moves in this world without people. Nothing grows, and nothing is completed. Good
friends help us grow and move forward as well as support us when things get rough.

The final area of relationships are co-workers and clients. The ability to develop a good relationship
with those we work with is essential for productivity and success. No business can grow and provide
for it's clientelle without first having employees that work well together and accomplish the goals of
the business. Clients are also important and learning to develop a good relationship with them is
essential for developing abundance and wealth in the area of finances. The clients pay the bills, and learning
to develop a win win situation with them can be the difference between success and failure of many businesses.

The ability to develop good relationships is important for maintaining a good balance between wealth and health.
A negative relationship can wreak havoc on our emotional health which in turn effects our physical health. Not
maintaining good relationships can also diminish our drive to acccomplish more in life and effect our financial well
being. Each effects the other, and developing a good balance between finances, health, and relationships is
what is necessary for creating a life of wealth and abundance.

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