The second area that is important to develop in ones life is health. If ones health
is out of balance, it will effect the other areas of finances and relationships. A wealthy
life is about maintaining a balance among health, finances, and relationships. A weekness
in one area or another immediately effects the other two. Be sure to maintain a proper diet
and exercise. This is the easiest way to keep oneself in good health.

Poor health will immediately effect the other two areas of the triangle. If one has poor health,
there are doctor bills that need to be paid. Not to mention the time away from creating a good
financial situation for yourself and your family while going through a period of poor health.
If you were to develop a terminal illness tomorrow, would you have enough in the bank
to take care of yourself and your family for any length of time. If not, I recommend paying
closer attention to your health right now as prevention is much easier and less time consuming
than fixing the problem after it evolves.

Imagine the effect that learning you have a terminal illness that could have been prevented would
be on your family. Especially if it effects ones finances. Now they have to worry and stress over
your health. They also have to help take care of you as things get worse. There is no greater
pain than watching the ones we love suffer around us. Learn to develop a proper exercise and diet
program for yourself so that your family and loved ones will not have to endure such an experience.

Proper diet is very important. Learning to cut out extra sugar, caffeine, and other negative chemicals
is important. Begin to eat much more naturally. There are natural food stores in almost every town across
the country. These stores sell foods that are free of preservatives, chemicals, and other harmful things
that the average pre-packaged food all have. Learn to cut back on candy, soda, and coffee. These are
all harmful not only to our health, but our energy fields. Just as many of the chemicals that are used
in much of the pre-packaged food found at grocery stores.

Proper exercise is also imporant. At least an hour of a good cardiovascular workout every day
will help one to maintain a healthy weight as well as a healthy heart. Activities such as martial arts,
bike riding, speed walking and swimming can all help to maintain a healthy state of mind and body.
It has also been proven that endorphins are released when one works out. Endorphins are responsible
for a healthy, happy emotional state. People who work out tend to be happier, more motivated, and have
more energy for accomplishing and acquiring goals and dreams.

Be sure to balance your health well. Being able to experience life with a brighter, happier outlook
is what the joy of life is all about. Having the health to make the long haul toward your goals
and dreams helps one feel a sense of accomplishment and progress. Not to mention it makes us
more attractive to the opposite sex as well as gives us more energy to chase our dreams.

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