The ability to balance all three areas of wealth is what true wealth is about. Balancing the areas of finances,
health, and relationships is much more than just having them in ones life. A relationship with someone that
makes one miserable on a daily basis is not wealth. Making tons of money by hurting, killing, and stealing
from other people is not wealth either. The ability to develop all three of these areas in both abundance and
balance is what true wealth is about. To experience life to the fullest because of these three areas is wealth,
and wealth is available to all of us as soon as we learn to focus on the important areas of wealth.

The first of the three areas of wealth is finances. This involves money, the desired material things, and
all the necessary material things such as food, shelther, and clothing. Sadly, the world works based on
a give and take system. It is based upon a monotary system of exchange. You must give something of
value to get something of value in return. The ability to take care of ones basic needs is essential before
one is able to move on to other areas of desire and want.

The area of finances talks about ones ability to provide the basic requirements for life. A shelter to
keep one warm, dry, and out of the weather. How nice ones shelter is is up to each individual and
their ability to develop a good financial mindset as apply that mindset out in the world. Finanaces
also takes into account food and water. We all know why food and water are important. On a basic
level of survival, humans don't need any where near as much variety in food as we have. Again, ones
ability to learn, develop, and apply a wealthy financial mindset is essential for better quality and
quantity of food and water. Finances also includes clothing. One must be protected from the
environment around them by clothing, not to mention that other people are a little turned off
by someone who walks around naked all the time.

Finances are an essential area to get under control before one is able to develop other areas
of wealth and abundance. The average person spends 1/3 of their life working. This is time that
could be spent doing more productive and enjoyable things if one were to take care of their
financial needs. Most people are not able to do this, often times living paycheck to paycheck
barely scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get by. Not only is this stressful, but it takes away
from ones ability to truly immerse oneself in life and enjoy the moments as they come by.

Finances also allow us the money and time to go out and develop our health and our relationships.
It allows us to travel and meet new people. It allows us the ability to go where others go on a regular
basis and make new friends. It also allows us to spend time with someone we care about and develop
more meaningful relationships. Not to mention the time to do so. A good balance also allows us to spend
much more time with our family, especially our children. There is no greater reward in the world than
being able to watch our children grow into amazing adults.

Finances are also important for our health. Having money allows us to eat more expensive all
natural foods. It also allows us the time to spend working out on a regular basis as well as
the equipment to do so. It also allows us to invest more money into regular appointments
with doctors, which can be quite an expensive bill at times. Developing a wealthy and abundant
financial life opens opportunities not other wise available to us in both health and relationships.
This is why it is the first on the triangle of wealth. Poor finances causes undo stress which is also
very bad for our health. The threat of losing the things you have worked hard to earn is a terrible
thought for most people. Not to mention the amount of time and stress that is required to work
a regular job and the amount of wear and tear on our body from it.

Take the time to get a good education about money and in developing a good understanding
of wealth and what it takes to create an abundance in this area. This could be a life long journey,
just as the other two areas can be. Enjoy the process, and be sure to apply the knowledge you gain
in each of the areas. Just a little bit each day will build and create amazing results in your life.

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