Wow, how many times a day does the devil try and steal our Peace and Joy (that is promised to us) through people who are nasty, events that are slow and frustrating, or things just not going our way? These are lures (just like a fisherman would use) to get us to feel offended. I believe it is much easier to NOT fall prey, NOT let someone else choose our attitude, when we remember this…

In Biblical times the word “offense” actually meant “to trap”. Now a days we think it means “when someone makes me mad” however, the result is still the same.

When you ALLOW someone else to offend you (and it is a choice), you are taking the bait. You take the bait and the door slams shut, very much like this raccoon trap we use at home – and it works very well by the way. Remember this about being offended and trapped… once you’re in, you are at the mercy of someone else.

So as we feel ourselves getting angry over something that someone else has done to try and offend us purposefully or not (cut off in traffic, rude, gossiping etc) we must not take the bait! Repeat it to yourself over and over, “I will not take the bait” If you KNOW that they WANT you to get mad… why let them win! Don’t be at the mercy of someone who angers you! And remember who your true enemy is, it’s the devil himself just using those other people, really we should feel sorry for them.

So don’t fall into the trap of offense, in fact do just the opposite! My children and I make a game out of it. We create “smile and wave days” on those days we are tempted to be offended. In the car we smile and wave at everyone. It’s true, when you “act as if…” it changes your demeanor!

Plus you get the extra bonus of laughter. It’s amazing how many people will think you are crazy just for being friendly! Oh yeah, we have even made up different waves (the 2 finger, the point, the “floppy wrist”, the complete wave that goes from one side of windshield to another etc.) have fun with it. Someone else’s attitude should not change who we are, but maybe, just maybe, we can change someone else’s poor attitude!

Remember you have a habitude as well. We all have an attitude by habit… what attitude are you practicing?


Author's Bio: 

Holly is a Christian Professional Organizer, Author and speaker that specializes in Organizing ones life. Holly travels the Country helping people organize their lives for passion and purpose!