Like many Americans you probably have to reinvent your self in this current economy. It means learning new coping skills and making business and lifestyle changes. It means maximizing the use of things you already own and sharpening your skill set to get a new job or retain your current job. The American stress level has not been this high since the Great Depression. Instead of putting your energy into worrying (a huge miss use of creative imagination), it's time to be proactive and focused. It's time to get back to the fundamentals. Here is what you can do today to gain more control of your life, work and mind.

1) Organize your work area and learn new time management skills: It may just save your job. When a manger or owner has to reduce staff, they keep those who appear organized and are on time with tasks. If is comes between you and a peer who keeps a better looking area and better handles the stress of doing more with less time you could be on the out. Conversely, if you are the business owner and your clients have other vendor choices how will you stack up?

2) Clear out obsolete and old items from office, home & life: Americans spend on average 6 weeks a year looking for misplaced items. What else could you be doing with that time? Learning new skills, spending time with family, helping others with needs etc. Also, some Americans are spending up to 20% of their budget on late fees & replacement purchases of things they already own because they can't find what they already own. How much time and money could you be saving if you were organized? Remember, if you can not find it, it's of no value.

3) Is your clutter paying rent? If not, it's a freeloader. Let it go now (not someday) and pay your self back (EBay, garage sale, consignment store, Craig's List).

4) For items not worth selling, donate. You help others, create jobs and earn a tax deduction (if you itemize your tax returns). Think how much faster you will be able to get dressed in the morning if your closets are not filled with unused or out of date items.

5) Get clarity on your office, home & life goals. This will help you set up the right decision making criteria so you do not get distracted and lose focus (so easy to do these days). When you have clarity about your high payoff activities and priorities, you will start to consciously focus your time, money and energy and therefore reduce future clutter (mental & physical) and better control all costs.

By making some of these changes, you will be well on your way to seeing, acting, feeling and living differently. Now is a good time to take stock, review, renew and move forward. New seasons and each new day offer fresh opportunities. It is truly time for new beginnings If this process seems overwhelming or you don't know where to start, you may wish to connect with a certified professional organizer, a personal coach or therapist.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Dykstra, MBA, CPO® is a speaker, strategist, certified hands-on organizing expert & time management coach.

She works and teaches nationally. Mary is passionate about helping clients and audiences regain control of their minds, lives and environments - long term. She currently serves as the Director of Examination Development for her industry's certification program.