Control… It’s something we all crave. It creates and destroys. But we all need something to hold onto, especially today. If you’re a layoff survivor, you know what I’m talking about. You feel unsure about what you can count on. ..what you can believe. Well, I want to give you the top 3 ways to gain control in this unstable work environment. But let me start by saying…it begins in one place and one place only…you!

Number 1 : Get clear about what you want your future to be

Aren’t you tired of having everyone else telling you what you want, who you are and how to be it? And if one more person tells you that you should be happy you still have a job, you’re going to scream, right? Well if this is where you are, then it’s time that you get clear about what you want for your future. Yes, you can decide that. And whether you’re still employed or looking for employment, there is no better time than right now to do it!

How do you do it? Several safe and easy techniques will help you immediately. Select the best one or two that you feel comfortable with. You’ll get excellent results, no matter which you select.

- Meditation – sit quietly, clear you head and breathe deeply, don’t think -- just be.

- Visualization – Meditation with a twist… sit quietly, clear your head, breathe deeply and imagine what you want your future to be. See it in your minds eye with all the color, feel and emotion that it would bring. Make it grand, big and full of all that you want and deserve your future to be! And don’t forget to see yourself in it!
Vision board – go to a crafts store or the arts section of a retail store and pick up a sheet of poster board. Select a color that makes you feel good to look at every day and a size that’s easy for you to work with. Next, it’s time to clear out the magazine rack! Clip and paste pictures that draw you closer to the future you desire. These pictures should have meaning and tap into a special, deep emotion of joy each time you look at your vision board. Place the board in a place where you’ll see and experience it every day!

- Journaling – get the notebook, pen and a cup of tea or glass of wine, relax and breathe deeply. And then, just write. Don’t worry about the grammar, the spelling or whether it makes sense or not. This is for you and only you. To get started, ask yourself, what would I like my future to look like? Who am I in this wonderful future? How am I feeling while living this future of mine? Just let it flow… Come back a day or two and read what you’ve written and get ready to learn more about who you are and where you’re going!

-Coaching- work with a life or career coach to help you give voice to your desired future in a safe, comfortable and confidential conversation. They can help you explore the opportunities that help you achieve your future, faster.

- Have a conversation with a trusted, open and honest friend- just talking about the desire for a different future can open up so much to come to you. A really good friend will support you and hold you to achieving all that you can be. They will give you insight to parts of you that you didn’t even know you had! And who knows, they may have just met someone who can help you reach your goal.

But it comes back to being honest and loving with yourself. It is ultimately your life, your decision and therefore your choice. When you’re clear about how you want your future to look, the Universe lines up the resources to support you. You begin to recall things in your past that help you. You begin to see books, magazines, people who point you in the desired direction. You begin to get ideas that had never occurred to you before. It’s so exhilarating and exciting because you see and feel the opportunities and possibilities in front of you.

Trust me, clarity is cool!

Number 2 : Suck it up and decide how you’ll create your future!

This is the greatest time for people to say, ok, this is what’s in front of me. Got it! Now let me at it! I have the right and opportunity to go after what I want now! If you’ve been laid off, you can pursue the field you were in to find another job or you can use what you enjoyed most, to create a new job/future for yourself. If you are still employed, then take the opportunity to pursue your passion after work. This preserves your sanity, reduces your fear and gives you a protection plan for your future.

Now I know, “suck it up” is a bit harsh. But I’m sure in the last 6 months seeing people laid off without a plan has been harsh as well. I don’t want that for you! I want you to start to plan…now…while you still have a paycheck. And if you are laid off, think about where your next stop is and if that’s the future you want, based on your recent past. Do the right thing for your spirit and do it now…

Number 3 : Begin now, while you’re employed, to make it happen for your future!

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I’ve long embraced this quote because we are all geniuses. It’s how we sit on it that diminishes it. The act of taking action – no matter how small – is more powerful than you think. It begins a physiological sensation in you that propels you forward. Your enthusiasm and eagerness rise. You inhibitions slow. Your ideas flow, your energy surges. You are the “king (or queen) of the world!” It’s what creates fortunes for millionaires and billionaires. Yes, just one small step can create your legacy – a future rich and fulfilling. And guess what? You get to choose another small step, easily, because you recognize that it’s all within you and your control. Good stuff, huh?

Take hold, embrace, engage – just do it. Use the Top 3 ways to gain control in this unstable work environment and make them “work“for you. It is within your reach and it’s certainly within your control. Just suck it up and do it! [smile]

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