The art of channeling has been part of humanity’s evolution since we began journeying into the realm of self-awareness. We honor this primal urge to understand our universal identity every time we embrace the questions that say, “Who am I? Where is my point of origin? What is my purpose?” Such questions invite us inwards and upwards in order to receive answers. They invite us into the realm of vibrational existence, the world of pure energy: pure consciousness.

**The nature of consciousness is the very fabric of the universe -Astara

In ages past those who had the ability to consciously channel were regarded with much respect and reverence. Shamans, seers, oracles and psychics acted as links between the physical realm and the energetic realm for those seeking higher wisdom. Today, the ability to channel has become widely accessible and more and more people are realizing their innate ability to be their own seers and shamans. This “new age” is not new because we are discovering abilities and opportunities not accessible before, but because these possibilities are now that much more embraced and that much more enhanced. We are entering the age of Light, which is ultimately the age of Information. We are remembering our connection to Source and as a result our essential divinity, and we are doing this through honoring our deepest desire to be more of who we are: more aware, more conscious, more vibrant, more alive.

Choosing to be a channel is choosing to embrace our response-ability to life. The information channeled, be it through the written or spoken work, the arts or intrinsic knowing, carries with it the opportunity to “know thyself” and experience the power of your eternal now. Every message invites you deeper into the realm of vibrational existence where you have the opportunity become aware of the power of your inner being and the fact that you are the creator of the life you experience.

A balanced channel will always endeavor to honor the synergy between their inner being and the channeled consciousness. We choose to acknowledge that as we are spoken through, we are also spoken to. And as we honor this decision, we create a new awareness of our human nature, and we are given the opportunity to use the information we have channeled to enhance the quality of our own vibration.

**This is why it is important for every channel to realize the importance of compassion. Compassion can be defined for these purposes as, the recognition and appreciation of the intrinsic vulnerability shared by all humans.

To be in a state of compassion, be it for the self or for others, is to be in a place that honors the value of contrast. It understands that creative emergence requires faith and trust in the great cycles of creation: life/death/life. Compassion is wisdom embodied. It assures and reassures. It acknowledges what is and it gives thanks for what is to be and it does this simultaneously. - Astara

By having compassion for the state of the whole self, a channel enters the realm of cosmic co-existence. We allow each other and ourselves to exist in multi-dimensions simultaneously. We allow ourselves to fully comprehend the creative process while at the same time we allow ourselves to experience the transformation that this awareness brings. Trans – to be in motion and Formation: form in order. Transformation: form in perfect motion. We allow ourselves to move, to flow. We value our contrast and we choose to find liberation where there once was bondage. We honor our energetic nature that says, “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only moves in and out of form”.

**In the dimension of mental energy, which vibrates at the frequency of thoughts and emotions you are able to grasp the essence of new ideas, new constructs for being and new parameters for awareness… but you cannot experience it. This is where you enter the dimension of space/time and wait for the manifestations of these essences to appear in the form of experiences. From this perspective you can see that all matter is consciousness too: everything you perceive, you create. Including the synchronicities that have that magical quality that says a “supreme intelligence” has had a hand in this. This is the beauty of the ride called life: there is always more magic to experience. – Astara

Channeling is a way of being and from a non-physical perspective, anything you do that is infused with your conscious beingness is sacred. Your “job” as a channel is to be present and allow. It is this simple.

**We want to say to you that this allowing feels joyful even if it sometimes requires some effort to make the choice. We understand that part of our journey together is to work with the experiences in the space/time continuum that bring us to contrast. This is the very birthplace of your desire - the energy of creation itself. If it were not for the contrast you would not find reason to change what is. And in the allowing of what is to be you discover the power of what is to become. You experience pure potential; the realm of creative emergence. And because you choose to always create the experience that matches your desire, your illusion becomes your contrast and your contrast becomes your guide. We exist because your contrast exists; we transcend and include it, if you will.

Your desire is our vehicle much in the same way that your physical body is your vehicle. We are here because your desire has summoned us. We exist because you want us to. This is how powerful you are.

We look forward to evolving with you.



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Shireen Freeman is a Reiki and Etheric Crystal Energy Master who channels an entity of non-physical consciousness named **Astara. She offers Channel Empowerments with Astara and etheric crystal energy in the form of a seven day distance course and attunement. For more information pls visit,