In the UK, Easter usually heralds the start of some major motorhome and RV activity as many owners embark on their first outing of the year. At Easter there’s a strong likelihood of rain – so it’s important that motorhome owners prepare their vehicle properly for what’s likely to be their first holiday of the season.

Sureterm Direct is the UK’s leading specialist motorhome and RV insurers, having insured thousands of motorhomes in its 10 years of trading, so it has issued a useful ‘Motorhome Maintenance’ list to help make motorhome trips hassle-free.

The tips are also useful for motorhome and RV owners all around the world, irrespective of the current season. So even if you’re sunning yourself in Sydney at the moment, The Sureterm Guide To Motorhome and RV Maintenance’ still makes sensible reading.

Get A Service: Don’t even think about leaving home if your motorhome hasn’t been properly serviced. In the UK there are nationally-recognised workshops who service motorhomes. Alternatively, a quick trawl through the internet or phone book will help you find a service centre near your home. Definite things to check include tyres – look for cracks in tyre walls and flat spots where your motorhome has been standing; check all tyre pressures against the manufacturer’s recommendations, including the spare. And if your tyres are over five years old, think seriously about renewing them.

Make Electrical Checks: First off, check your motorhome’s battery. If it’s flat, charge it up and if you have any doubt that it might need replacing – do it. There’s nothing worse than ‘conking out’ en route to your destination. Check all electrical connections and make sure they work, paying particular attention to headlights, foglights and indicators. Change bulbs and fuses as required.
Motorhome owners should always turn over the engine prior to the first trip of the year as stale fuel can prevent the vehicle from starting.

Have A General Clean-up: Even if your motorhome hasn’t been used for a while, it will have accumulated dirt. Wash off outside dirt and grit with a powerhose, and use a soft chamois cloth on windows. Inside, vacuum the upholstery, clean the fridge with bicarbonate of soda solution to prevent mould and neutralise odours that may have built up.

Water system update: Flushing out and sterilizing your on-board water systems before you use your vehicle for the first time is a sensible idea. But always check the manufacturer's handbook, to make sure you use the right type of fluids – as in some cases chemicals like chlorine are not recommended.

Make sure your insurance is up to date: No-one likes to encounter a problem only to find their motorhome insurance is out of date.

Winterproof Your Motorhome: Although we’re coming towards the end of winter, now is still a good time to take steps to reduce its deterioration. Effort put in now will almost certainly pay dividends when you hit the road for the first time.

Here’s Sureterm Direct’s top quick tips for preparing your motorhome for the winter.

• Protect your engine by using a good quality product like VapourOil to stave off the effects of moisture in the engine.

• Inspect vehicle door seals and replace the rubbers, if needed, to keep out draughts.

• Invest in a blow heater or oil-filled radiator to provide a quick blast of warmth when needed.

• When sleeping in your motorhome or RV, leave wardrobe doors open during the night as this will circulate the heat and help to prevent condensation.

• Fitting insulating exterior silverscreens to cab windows will keep the cold out and the heat in the motorhome.

• Rear drums can freeze on a vehicle that is parked for long periods – so to avoid this leave the vehicle in gear, chock the wheels and leave handbrake off (if safe to do so).

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